Wednesday and share the Gospel through Bible study, songs and activities. Her mission begins when the paid teacher finishes the lessons for the day.

When these ten Roma children prove what is possible, then it could open the door for scores of others. Then the Gypsy community will be alive with the hope that their children can know a better future simply because someone decided to act in the present.

While the program has been initially successful, there is still a long way to go. When you look at the needs listed, please act to change the future of these children. We also ask you to pray for the teacher, the children and their families so this mission can prove to all that Jesus lives and through His people mighty things can happen even in a poor village few have ever visited.

In Christ’s service,

Victoria Cathcart CEO of World Missionary Evangelism

The future begins with this group. They are proving the value of the Roma children and setting in motion a program that can help scores of other children gain an education that will help them escape generations of poverty and prejudice.

Will You Sponsor A Child? $25 Per Month can provide food, clothing, medical care, education and much more.

Julee 83853

Kodiyarasan 82463

15-year-old boy India

$25 per month

Angel 83826

7-year-old girl India

$25 per month

Sunalu 83836

6-year-old girl India

$25 per month

Pushpanjali 83831

7-year-old girl India

$25 per month

38 years old India

$35 per month

Badnna 83856

40 years old India

$35 per month

With A Monthly Gift of $35 You Can Become A Full Partner In Gospel Outreach!

Please send us your email address: ________________________@_______________________ Yes!

I want to help WME with its ministry and work. I am enclosing a gift for [ ] Churches/Building Fund - $3,000.00 and up [ ] Wells/Water Projects - $3,000.00 and up [ ]Native Missionary Sponsorship - $35.00 Native # _____ [ ]Orphan/Child Support - $25.00 Child #_______ [ ]USA Food For Hunger

[ ]Foreign Food For Hunger [ ] Where Needed Most

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I understand that indirect as well as direct expenses are involved in this work and intend my pledge to be used for both. I understand and agree with your Financial Policy as stated in WME’s World Evangelism magazine. CANADIAN CONTRIBUTORS: Please address your mail and your contributions to: World Missionary Evangelism Canada, P.O. Box 6088, Fort St. John, B.C., Canada V1J4H6. Make your checks payable to World Missionary Evangelism Canada (Registration #849145297 RR 0001).


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