rose from assistant attorney general to senior assistant attorney general. Ten AAC Executive Director Chris

Villines convinced Jorgensen to make a move to county government. “To have brought someone with Co-

lin’s experience into the county govern- ment fold is a huge victory,” Villines said. “He has a depth of legal experi- ence that is extremely valuable, and he matches that with a personality that is warm and welcoming — the counties of Arkansas all just got better because he has joined our team.”

As litigation counsel for the AAC, Jor-

gensen said he is “working on defending counties and county officials in state and federal court in civil lawsuits.” “I’m doing other things, too,” Jor- gensen said, noting that he has been working on research projects, attend- ing continuing education conferences to meet county officials and updating the AAC personnel policy. Like other attor- neys in the office, he focuses his time on “whatever the issue of the day may be.” Jorgensen said in his short time at the

AAC he has noticed “we have many, many deep and meaningful longstand- ing relationships with all sorts of county officials and entities, and a lot of what we do is driven by that. “Tere’s a lot of personal relationships

between and among the people outside this office and the people inside this office, and that is important,” he said. Te county officials he’s had an opportunity to speak to “clearly very much value and trust our opinion, our assistance and knowledge. “I want to get up to speed quickly so I can contribute to that,” he said. Jorgensen and his wife have two chil-

dren — Hank, 6, and Suzy, 3. He enjoys exercising, reading and playing fantasy baseball, but candle making is Jorgensen’s primary hobby. He has a shop where he makes 4-inch candles to give away as gifts or to donate to charity auctions. He also coaches his son’s baseball team. “Mostly I do family at this point,” Jor- gensen said. “Kids pretty much take the vast majority of my spare time.”


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More about Colin Jorgensen

Family information: My wife Eve Gieringer Jorgensen and I married on Valentine’s Day 2009. We have two children: Hank, 6 going on 7, and Suzy, 3 going on 13 or 30 depending on the day. Tey are everything to us. Eve and I both are from Little Rock, and our parents live in town, so we all get lots of quality time with Hank and Suzy’s grandparents, and we are fortunate to have a wonderful village.

My favorite meal: Nachos. I’ve perfected them.

When I’m not working I’m: Spending time with family, mentoring, making candles, following news and baseball, exercising and spending more time with family.

Te accomplishment of which I am most proud: Glory days accomplish- ments include winning the 3-point shootout when I was a sophomore and being the captain of the state champion debate team as a senior at Little Rock Central High School. Professional accomplishments include handling many high-profile state constitutional challenges in trial courts and at the Arkansas Supreme Court and Eighth Circuit, including about 20 oral arguments. Per- sonal accomplishments include a happy marriage, countless friendships, over six years of (mostly) successful parenting, mentoring many wonderful folks, and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Wolfe Street Foundation and Arkansas JLAP.

Te hardest thing I have ever done: Change. Every time — so hard. But it’s necessary and good (every time, so far).

At the top of my bucket list is to: Live each day well. My wife is an expert at planning the future, including adventure, so I defer to her for more tradi- tional bucket list items.

You might be surprised to learn that: I was on the Today Show in the summer of 1999. I was studying abroad in Puebla, Mexico, during a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. In the chaotic streets after the tremor, I saw a camera- man and reporter — I hollered “Are you looking for someone who speaks English?” I promptly had a microphone in my face and friends back home say I had my 15 seconds of national fame, but I never saw it.

My pet peeve is: I sometimes argue with myself, but I’ve gotten better about it, and I continue to work on it. My wife is the only person who catches me mid- argument, so it’s not a big problem, but it does make me feel peevish.

Motto or favorite quote: I strive for integrity and gratitude in all of my affairs. I’m fond of the Serenity Prayer and the Prayer of St. Francis. I have many favorite quotes — my first favorite was from Aristotle: “No one would choose a friendless existence on condition of having all the other good things in the world.”


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