We provide a stimulating and secure environment where everyone is valued

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t Beckford we have an enduring belief that our school is for children. It is a place where they can feel safe and secure and know that anything is possible for them.

We have specialist teachers and highly trained teaching assistants who work alongside class teachers to support children who have additional educational or language needs. As a consequence children with special educational needs or English as an additional language make very good progress and thrive emotionally.

A big thank you to all for the love, care and support you have shown my son for the past 8 years. I have seen him grow from a baby to a young man and a great deal of it

has to do with your valuable work. Year 6 parent

We are housed in a beautiful three storey Victorian building. Our site team ensure that the school is well maintained, attractive and secure. We continually seek to make the environment more stimulating and engaging for the children.

We are lucky to have substantial playground space. Every day, playtime is full of children having fun and staying fit. The children can choose from a wide choice of activities at lunchtime including sports and games with our professional sports coaches. We are proud to hold both the Active mark and Healthy School status. The children are actively involved in improving the playtime experience, as Playground Friends, as Sports Leaders and in planning improvements to the playground.

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