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August 2017

Sun shines on the Kent County Show

STUDENTS from New Line Learning in Maid- stone took their livestock on tour for expert opin- ion at this year’s Kent County Show. Connor Green, JessicaAustin and James Beeton (front) took 14-month-old Honeydale Black Majestic - a pedigree Black Limousin - through her paces for the judges. Jessica (14), who is in Year 9 at the Boughton

Lane school, said: “The show is a great experi- ence and a chance to see other animals from schools in the area; it doesn’t faze me, even though it’s warm, there’s a lovely breeze.”

Full report and pictures on page 34

Complaints hotline for Ramblin’ Man

A COMPLAINTS line number has been released by Maidstone Borough Council ahead of thisweekend’s Ramblin’ Man concert.

The Mote Park venue, which has

been at the centre of complaints about noise, will host the rock festi- val for the third year from Friday, July 28. With over 60 bands playing

across an extended three-day pe- riod, the line-up is set to include notorious noise-makers such as Saxon, Iron Maiden guitarist Steve Harris’ band British Lion and Reef, as well as some of America’s hard- est rock names including ZZ Top. Criticism of the sound-busting

Fair has been played down by Maidstone Borough Council, which has endeavoured to manoeuvre stages, sound systems and noise recording equipment to soothe res- idents who have complained about

the noise from as far as three miles away. The event organisers this year have expanded their discount ticket offer to residents in more than 30 streets close to the venue in an effort to win support for the event, described by Classic Rock magazine as “the best new festival in Britain”. The council, which said it would

write to local residents with a manned phone number to deal with complaint, agreed to release the number to the Downs Mail after a specific request from resident Robin Giles. Despite living a mile- and-a-half from the venue, he says noise levels exceeded permitted limits. He wrote to the council demand-

ing a phone line for this year’s event that would allow early inter- vention. Mr Giles, from CopsewoodWay, Bearsted, said: “Prior to the event I urge the council to put in place proper measures to eliminate noise pollution and advertise on its web site a manned telephone number residents affected can make their views known so that where there are breaches in the noise levels, ac- tion can be taken.” A spokesman for Maidstone Council said: “A letter is still going out to residents in the vicinity of the park to give them all informa- tion.”

Residents can contact the Ram- blin’ Man helpline on 01622 809810

or email The line will be manned from 3-

01622 690290 YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERT 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

11pm on the Friday; 11am-11.30pm on the Saturday and 11am-11pm on the Sunday. There are limited op- erators on duty. Once a call is logged, residents are asked not to make multiple calls about the same issue as it may prevent other resi- dents from getting through. Obituaries 36 Crime Reports 37

STEERING cables and wheel nuts were loosened on a vehicle in Far- leigh Lane; access to a basement in Clifford Way was attempted; a motorcycle seat was vandalised in Reginald Road; garden shears were stolen from a lawn in Had- low Close.

Parish Councils 37

FLYERS costing £60 would be de- livered to householders to publi- cise the parish council election in Tovil; Speedwatch has had a good take up of volunteers in Loose; Cllr Doe has asked for any further reports of drug-taking in the Barming parish field car park; the parish website in Loose has been receiving 300 hits a week.

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News Punishing parents

HEAD teachers are asking for more penalty notices for parents who take family holidays in term time.

Woman flees attack

A WOMAN fled a bus stop at- tacker early in the morning in Maidstone.

11 Leeds Castle pledge

MAIDSTONE’S treasure house can fight the threat of terror, says chief. 16

Lions’new president

MAIDSTONE Lions new president has been named as Derek Ransley .

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