Spring 2017 2017 Mid-Winter Training Conference & Exposition Recap

The 2017 Mid-Winter Training Conference & Exposition was held at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida, January 8-10. With over 200 members in attendance, the conference provided not only a time for training and the exposition, but also an opportunity to network with peers. The FPCA was proud to welcome 29 new members to the conference where we provided them with a helpful orientation to ensure their time at the conference was a success.

Opening ceremonies began Monday morning, followed by the multiple trainings offered that day. “Creating the Exemplary Police Academy: A Value Based Framework” was the first training presented by Michael Josephson from the Josephson Institute of Ethics. His presentation covered community-serving policing agencies and other topics such as independence versus accountability and governance, oversight, and man- agement. “Honoring Our Past and Forging our Future” was the next training that was hosted by a panel of past FPCA presidents. The last training of the day featured Dr. Ray Surette from the University of Central Florida and was entitled “Performance Crime and Justice.” Dr. Surette discussed how the evolution of per- formance has effected crime, law enforcement and the judicial system.

FPCA Executive Board L to R: Chief Butch Arenal, Chief Frank Kitzerow, Chief Kevin Lystad, Governor Rick Scott, Marshal Bill Berger, Chief Ken- neth Albano, Executive Director Amy Mercer, and Chief Chris Nelson

Monday’s Meet and Greet dinner and viewing party for the 2017 College Football National Championship Game was highlighted by a visit from special guest, Governor Rick Scott. The exposition hall was open twice throughout the day on Monday, both in the morning and the afternoon, to allow purchas- ing agents and law enforce- ment officers time to visit with the many exhibitors at the

conference. The FPCA provided an exhibitor training “Doing Business With a Florida Public Entity: Know Your Responsibilities Under Florida’s Public Rec- ords Laws” presented by Leonard Dietzen of Rumberger, Kirk, Caldwell.

On Tuesday morning, the FPCA President Chief Butch Arenal presented a special recognition award to Harris Rosen, owner of the Rosen Centre and other properties in Orlando. Mr. Rosen has been a friend and supporter of the FPCA for many years. Members then transitioned into the first training of the day with Chief Carl Dabadie from the Baton Rouge Police Department “Baton Rouge Shootings: Baton Rouge, LA.” Immediately following was the “Pulse Night Club Shooting; Orlando, FL” training presented by Deputy Chief Robert Anzueto of the Orlando Police Department. Both speakers shared

Harris Rosen and FPCA President Chief Butch Arenal

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