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Female Baltimore oriole.

First year male orchard oriole feasting on an orange.

Orchard oriole is also seen at feeders.

South America by mid-July compared to Baltimore's who can be around until September. To attract orioles to your feeding

station you can offer several foods. First, there are nectar feeders that are similar to a hummingbird feeder but designed to accommodate the size of an oriole. In these, you can prepare a sugar water solution of four parts water to one part sugar which is suitable to both hummingbirds and orioles. No other sweeteners or artificial colour is necessary. Change it weekly at a minimum but in hot weather two to three times per week is better. Anoth- er food choice is fresh oranges. There

Females weave a pouch-like nest.

are feeders designed to mount a half of an orange on so the oriole can perch and pick the fruit out of the rind. The next food choice is an odd one to some people but it is without a doubt their favourite, grape jelly. Again there are feeders to offer this and some are designed to offer the oranges and jelly together. I have gone through as many as 50 jars of jelly in a season and have witnessed some amazing things at jelly feeders including parents bring- ing their young to jelly and teaching them how to eat. Jelly and orange feeders can also attract many varieties of warblers, gray catbirds, and even rose-breasted grosbeaks to name a few.

Another great attraction for orioles is a water source. Whether it's a basic bird bath or an actual water feature/ fountain you will see some serious use from orioles. They really enjoy the water for both drinking and bathing and will stop by for multiple visits on hot summer days. If feeding birds is not possible for

you, take the time to visit a park or take a river walk and look up into the tree tops to hopefully see that beau- tiful orange flash of an oriole and to hear their glorious call. They really are a bird worth dreaming about! s

Sherrie Versluis owns the Preferred Perch Wild Birds and Specialty gift store in Winnipeg, Man.

Spring 2016 • 41

Photo by Dan Pancamo.

Photo by Frank Boston.

Photo by Frank Boston.

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