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is not part of the TPP. Landreville said this is going to be

an ambitious agreement that will see elimination of tariffs across a wide range of products, if not all agricultural products. While the current focus on Canadian agricultural exports and BC’s horticulture exports has been largely on existing FTA partners, notably the U.S.. and NAFTA, Landreville says our free trade agreements in general have been building over the last decade. “We now have significant trade agreements throughout the Latin American regions, Central America, as well as the European continent. Now with the Canada-Korea agreement and also the TPP we are building a significant presence with our trade agreements in the Asia markets.

He concluded by saying that in whatever region producers feel they would like to expand their business, they will have an opportunity with agreements that have enforceable rules of trade consistent with how Canadians want to do business. “These rules are enforceable, you can take them through consultations, address issues, take them to dispute settlement that will be binding, and also you will have preferential access and an opportunity to compete more effectively in those markets. “I would urge you over the next while to start to think about building these opportunities into your production plans and your business plans to take advantage of these trade agreements and the opportunities that they will present to you down the road.”

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To be selected,

they need to be protected.

Use DuPont




insecticide, powered by Cyazypyr , TM

early in the season to give your pome fruit, stone fruit and blueberries the head-start they need during the most critical stages of development. Exirel

TM has fast acting, translaminar

and xylem systemic movement so you’ll be protecting new growth from difficult chewing and sucking pests, including aphids, plum curculio, apple maggots, codling moth, Oriental fruit moths, leafrollers, weevils and spotted wing drosophila.

Exirel TM , powered by Cyazypyr , an important part of an TM integrated pest management program.

Questions? Ask your retailer, call 1-800-667-3925 or visit

As with all crop protection products, read and follow label instructions carefully. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPontTM

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British Columbia Berry Grower • Spring 2015 9

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