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editor’s letter D Linda James

2015 Dance Fireworks

rumrollplease.Heralding thebeginning of a fab- ulous year fordance inNorthTexas, January start- edwitha bigbang.My calendar isbubbling over withdance activity thismonth.Andifdance

events fromFebruary-December equal January’s,we are infor adance explosion!

During theweekof January 5-9, Ibeamedwithpride as BryntBeitman(performer inNewYorkwithTake Dance,Heidi LatskyDanceCompany andLydia

JohnsonDance) returnedtohis almamater to create anewworkfor Booker T.Washington’sRepertoryDanceCompany II.

OnJanuary 9, I attendedtheArlingtonMuseumofArt’sBruceWood:A Retrospective. Thismoving exhibit features three floors ofmemorabiliadocu- mentingWood’s outstanding body ofwork.Youstillhave time to see the showwhichrunsuntilFebruary 15.

Last evening, Iwas fortunate towatchas fourBooker T.Musical Theater studentsperformedinthe JuniorPlayerspresentationof IntheHeights pro- ducedincooperationwithTheatre Three.News ofBTW’s all-schoolmusi- calproductionofHair,directedbyDallas TheaterCenter’sArtisticDirector KevinMoriarity inSeptember 2015,hasme jumping for joy!

Writing ona cold,winterySunday afternoon, I lookforwardthisweekto seeingdance seniors fireuptheBTWHSPVAstudioswiththeir choreogra- phy.Witnessing the creativeproducts of these aspiring, young artists is always gratifying.

January 16-18promises three entirelydifferent andequally excitingdance performances.Friday, TexasWoman’sUniversitypresentsSOLA—a concert

featuring female guest artists fromuniversities aroundthe country. Saturday, TITASpresents a rousingperformance byRonaldK. Brown/Evidence.Sunday, tapdancerKatelynHarris,ArtisticDirector of RhythmicSouls,kicks off the firstRiff:RhythminFusionFestival.

For the secondtime inless thana year, theDallas TheaterCenterhas asked CamilleA.Brownto choreographtheirupcomingmusical theaterproduc- tion.Brownis sure to infuse exuberance into theDTC’s January 21world premiere of StaggerLee.

BTWdancerswill be counting their lucky stars January 26-30whenMax Stone andJenniferMabus returnto campus to setworks.Stone,Sexy BeastDance artisticdirector,will be creating anewworkforRepII.Mabus will restageRobertBattle’s TheHuntonmembers ofRepI.

DarkCirclesContemporaryDance,under the artisticdirectionof Joshua L. Peugh,will continue to intrigue, fascinate andrewardaudiencemembers attending the January 29-31WinterSeries at theSanders Theatre inFort Worth.

OnJanuary 31,Patricia andTanjuTuzerwill bepresentedwithLifetime AchievementAwardsby theRichardsonArtsAlliance.For over 37 years, the Tuzer’sballet school andcompanyhaveprovidedoutstanding training to aspiring balletdancers.

Ourdance scene is cracklingwithexcitement andfilledto the brimwith creativity!Fordecades,passionatedance lovershaveworkedtomakeNorth Texas a bustlingdance center.Now, ourdance cards teemwithvitality. Life is good.

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Feb-Apr 2015


a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 18 •

no. 1

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