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Petiole analysis is a useful observation to determine the current nutritional status of a vineyard.

application and plant response may be too great to have a demonstrable effect. The second is that timing is

extremely important. After bloom and fruit set, the new berries grow by cell division until the fundamental number of cells has been established for the eventual complete berry. Within a few weeks, cell division stops and the berries grow by increasing size of the cells. If RDI is applied while cell division is occurring, the potential number of cells may never be reached and the quality of the crop will be handicapped. RDI will diminish both yield and

quality. RDI applied after cell division is complete will slightly lower the yield but will increase quality by reducing berry size. It will also inhibit shoot elongation and lower the labour required to manage the vineyard. By the time the vineyard reaches veraison RDI should be discontinued in order to assist the vines to prepare for winter dormancy and ripen the crop. One of the fundamental elements of

sustainable vineyard management is the cycle of observation and response. Regular observation is required in your vineyard, not your neighbour’s. Be cautious of adopting practices that your neighbour uses. They may not be appropriate for your operation. Observations may be as simple as touching leaves to determine the temperature or as complex as reading a tensiometer for soil moisture or interpretation of aerial infrared photography. You will never completely define all of the factors that affect the evolution of your vineyard, so do the easy steps first. — Gary Strachan can be reached via

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