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However, he’s puzzled why they’ve chosen to inhabit farmland, especially when it isn’t grassy. “In forestry, we get rid of the grass and they go,” he added. There, he said they’ll eat whatever

is available, seedling trees or bushes, and in poplars they’ll eat the young trees. They’re particularly attracted by fertilized growth, when it’s young and lush.

The strange marking on this trapped specimen’s back earned it the nickname ‘Crop Circle.’

MCHALE WRAPPERS: DEUTZKUHN: Welger Balers

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Pollination Services 7,000 Colonies Available Doug Ransome

“Damage is usually associated with a surplus of voles,” Ransome explained.

To do his detective work, Ransome needs a range of types of fields where voles are active, including fields where there is chronic damage and where there’s new damage, in order to draw some conclusions based on the similarities.

Farms are unnatural settings for these voles, so there’s much to learn, he said.

Ransome has sent out a questionnaire to growers and is looking for responses from different areas of the Fraser Valley.

From that, he will select some sites to monitor.

If you have a field with any level of vole damage and are interested in helping out, contact him for a questionnaire at: 18 British Columbia Berry Grower • Summer 2012

          

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