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took issue with the fact that Iron Stone Management would receive a ten-year tax abatement for the their renovations when residents don’t receive one for build- ing or renovating a home. But according to Piper, that’s simply not true. “The same tax abatements are available to people who build a new home or make signifi cant renovations to an existing home.” And, as Piper explained, when someone receives a tax abatement that does not mean that they don’t pay any property taxes for ten years. Instead, the own- ers of said property pay its base property tax. It’s the additional amount in property taxes - those that come from increasing the property’s value through renovations or new devel- opment - that are abated for ten years. Piper also noted that there’s a Homestead Exemption currently pend- ing in Harrisburg. If passed,

residents of long-standing could avoid paying increas- es in property taxes. As the fl oor opened to comments, many people ex- pressed disbelief that their property taxes wouldn’t increase if Apple Storage is renovated. However, one resident wondered why the community wasn’t more excited by the project. “I’ve lived here for 30 years and have seen it go nothing but down,” the resident noted. Councilwoman Black- well, who stressed her de- sire to work with the com- munity thanked Mike Piper for how his presentation clarifi ed certain concerns. When Andrew Eisen- stein took the fl oor, he explained that the apart- ments will range from two bedrooms, priced at $1,400, to one bedrooms, priced at $1,000-$1,100, to effi ciencies, priced at $800. Iron Stone has yet to determine what businesses it will fi ll in its commercial spaces, “but it would like

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to fi ll it with something the community wants,” Eisenstein explained. (As the meeting drew to a close, some residents sug- gested a senior center). Eisenstein explained that Iron Stone, which rents 500 facilities across the city at a range of rates, takes pride in maintaining its build- ings. Through its owner- ship of those apartments, it currently employs 47 locals. When the building is renovated, Iron Stone would hire people from the neighborhood for construc- tion and maintenance jobs, Eisenstein added. As of press time, Coun- cilwoman Blackwell’s Offi ce had yet to make a decision on whether or not to support the project, Cabry explained, adding that it needed more time to discuss it with the differ- ent parties involved. “It’s a tough one. It’s a good opportunity for develop- ment,” Cabry explained, adding, “but there’s still a fair level of opposition to the project.” Once Council- woman Blackwell makes a decision, it will go before the ZBA for a private vote, Cabry added.

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Poetry by Nicole Connor Illustration by Marion Loippo

Chameleons Climb


a diffi cult didactic for the antics

eepin’ it real while Keepin’ it tactful

of the frantic and fi ckle,

the fi tful who form the norm,

curved bulges of bells easily rung, easily stung pride that shapes and slivers

half spirit, half animal halfed by the needs of haves

have a memory of the chameleon

climbing the trunks of tall trees

their green seemed to be gilded

and as such, the gleam attracted many including the brown frowned monsters

who came with ferocity to claim territory,

as others boiled vermillion, infuriated at the extent of their injustice,

to assert monopoly control, with violence and the acceptance of silence marked the green chameleons as a target.

and so the sage slithered slowly into the shadows changing from chartreuse to violet, hidden amongst the indigo fl owers.

 


 

    

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the serenity of humanity.

gleefully scampering chlorochroused choruses amidst the forest of leaves,

while others shifted in the moment, changing their colors selling their nature for a reward of survival.

and sadly, dispersed, hunted and hidden

resentful even towards themselves

chameleons climb,

searching for sacred space, where the monsters can’t go, where it is a joy and an act of love

to be green.

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