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16 l September 2014 showpreview NETHERLANDS IBC preview part 2

Last month we brought you the eager beavers of the broadcast world. This month, a round-up of all as many products release announcement as we can get our virtual gloves on

THE FM02 all-in-one FM receiver and a new system for single frequency network

(SFN) FM networks will be launched by 2wcom at IBC. The FM02 receiver combines FM and RDS monitoring into a single unit to deliver multiple roles of demodulation, source- switching for FM backup and FM/RDS parameter monitoring. As a demodulator, the FM02’s dual inputs can receive one FM signal for rebroadcasting and another for monitoring, or the same signal on both channels for a backup solution.

2wcom is also debuting a system that provides assured microsecond- accurate synchronisation for implementing FM SFN networks within existing

analogue transmission infrastructure. Distribution can be by E1, IP or satellite, and any one of the feeds can be selected for backup purposes, without affecting the synchronisation. It also offers automatic adjustment of runtime differences and jitter.

A new range of economic and space effi cient DAB antennae will be released by ADBL, sharing an IBC spotlight with the new VHF BIII Mask fi lter/ combiner and a range of UHF and FM units and towers. Two types of antennae have been specially produced for some of the world’s most renowned broadcasters and broadcast signal providers, in the form of the Shared Aperture FM Crossbow and the FM Spearhead.

DAB antenna elements

have been designed to be fi tted onto the existing FM antennae without disturbing installation or performance. “Environmental

considerations coupled with zoning and planning restrictions forced the BBC to seek an antenna that could be fi tted into the space occupied by existing FM units,” explained ADBL president Alex Perchevitch. “ADBL embarked on a development project to provide a solution that didn’t impact negatively on the FM antenna and met the spec for DAB.” ADBL said the systems were range tested to optimise the RF performance of the combined DAB/FM antennas. The AVT Magic Mux DAB multiplexer will be launched for DAB+, based on the Fraunhofer ContentServer Technology.

AVT Magic Mux DAB multiplexer

The company said the system offers a highly reliable professional DAB Digital Radio platform, Eureka 147 DAB, and supports all content and signalling options DAB offers. For the integration in transmission networks, the system uses the latest IP technology, which allows a simple and cost-effi cient integration of all DAB system components such as encoders and monitoring decoders.

Also new is the Magic AE1 DAB+ Go audio encoder. AVT claims the half-rack system offers a cost-effi cient solution for smaller service providers, who offer only one programme and do not have to include the systems in a central network management. The new Canford IP

addressable Mains Distribution Units (MDUs) allow for easy power managing distribution in broadcast, IT and server racks. A user-friendly experience via the web interface has been achieved without compromising accessibility from smartphones, tablets and PCs. Any device with an HTML browser and an internet connection can securely access the product. This means wherever you are, when an email or call comes in, you can

server rooms or locked racks and cabinets. Confi gurable aspects of the unit include: MDU current monitoring, MDU power monitoring (Volts, Amps, Power Factor & kWhrs), per socket control (On, Off, Time delayed and Sequential start up), per socket monitoring and environmental sensors (rack/room temperature and humidity).

The IP MDU’s feature simultaneous XML output; allowing easy integration into third-party database/SQL software for automatic logging and data processing. Automated alarms with thresholds for high/ low values of each monitored component are also available. Data for all values can be sent via email and SNMP


When? 11–16 September

IP addressable MDUs – new from Canford

easily monitor and control the MDU.

One of the unique features of the Canford IP MDU is the ability to control door locks remotely. This enables off-site personnel to grant engineers or support teams access to either

(Simple Network Management Protocol).

The inbuilt web server (HTTP) permits web browsing across multiple platforms; including iPads and other devices, as well as SNMP for integration into building/

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