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It’s the dog days and guess what? A new gelato shop is set to open. BY EMMA BARR

H ot, right? Maybe you could use a

refreshing treat? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. A new take on the original ice cream

shop will debut this month in the Point Shopping Center just outside Harrisburg. Amore Artisan Gelato & Yogurt is the perfect remedy for those who want to sit and enjoy a frozen treat in an intimate, European-inspired café. Amore is born from owner Robin Dobson’s early passion for frozen treats. As a girl, she watched her grandmother hand-make ice cream, using ice from a nearby creek. “My husband and I have this business together, and

we are both retired,” she said. “I took this opportunity to pursue my lifelong passion, which is ice cream.” Amore’s patrons will find that they are in for more than just basic ice cream. Certainly, gelato is delicious, but it’s healthier, too. It clocks in at 8 to 12 percent fat as opposed to 35 for ice cream. It’s “low in air, but high in flavor,” says Robin. Tis is because gelato is aged for 24 hours and then

brought up to temperature, decreasing the amount of air to 15 to 20 percent. It’s also served at a slightly warmer temperature, and “that means less brain freeze!” she says.

Te process of making gelato is more intense than

one might think. Robin received her education in gelato making at PreGel, a leading Italian maker of gelato products, where she was able to test several different machines. In the end, she found what she calls the

“Lamborghini of gelato makers,” an import straight from Italy and the ideal machine for crafting perfect gelato. She also made sure to have the proper case for storing it, allowing her to bring the exact type of frozen confection enjoyed in Italy to central Pennsylvania.

In keeping with the Eurocentric theme, the Dobsons worked with local interior designer Carol Gmuender of Gmuender Designs to create the café, which includes blond wood, an intimate “niche” layout, a cozy fireplace and soft, comfortable seats. “I wanted to break down the loud, bright ice cream shop and make it the perfect place for couples to come after the movies or a nice dinner,” says Robin. “Tat’s really the crowd we hope to attract.” Te inclusion of free wifi and artistic decor also will appeal to those wanting to work peacefully on their laptops while enjoying a cup of coffee. In all, the Dobsons will manufacture 100 rotating flavors, with 12 available on any given day. Options

will include traditional gelato flavors, as well as such inventions as apple pie biscotti, peanut butter and jelly, lemon basil, Shirley Temple and caramel bacon. But Amore will serve more than just gelato. Te menu also will include frozen yogurt, gelato tacos, cannoli, donato and an assortment of beverages. Tere also will be specialty options such as gelato cakes and pies, all of which can be requested for takeout and catering services. After a lifetime of travel, the Dobsons can’t wait to bring the rich and creamy desserts that they’ve enjoyed in Italy to the Harrisburg area. In fact, for their café, they purposely chose a location convenient to both the east and west shores. “Everywhere I’ve traveled across the country and the world, I’ve sought out gelato,” said Robin. “Tis is our dream come true.”

Amore Artisan Gelato & Yogurt will open Aug. 20 at 4235 Union Deposit Rd., Harrisburg, in the Point Shopping Center. Hours are daily, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call 717-919-0738 or visit Amore also can be reached through Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


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