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IT’S… A conference room solution that introduces the concept of ‘infopresence’ – telepresence with a stronger emphasis on information sharing and collaboration.

DETAILS: In many dispersed meetings, being able to share and collaborate on information – either graphics or data – is more important than talking face to face with other participants. Mezzanine is designed to accelerate a company’s ability to share content among distributed teams and so boost productivity. Mezzanine enables multiple participants to share their image, voice, devices and data simultaneously. It combines

presentation design and delivery, application sharing, whiteboard capture and videoconferencing, all within the technology framework. Web browser, smartphone and tablet support are provided. The solution is compatible with existing videoconferencing and telepresence infrastructure and offers easy integration with enterprise authentication.

AND ALSO: Oblong’s founder, John Underkoffler, was science and technology adviser for the films Minority Report and Iron Man.



IT’S… A powerful videowall system designed around a PC-based architecture.

DETAILS: The Galileo processor adds the benefits of PC-based systems such as IP inputs and the ability to run applications

natively on the processor, while maintaining the reliability and real-time performance of all of RGB Spectrum’s solutions. It supports a full range of input and output types (IP, analogue, DVI/HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI) with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (4K). It can also deliver HDCP-protected content to an unlimited number of displays. Galileo supports H.264 decodes for motion video. RGB’s VDA remote desktop technology, with integrated KVM capabilities, allows the Galileo processor to provide


IT’S… A new software application designed to transform computers into Dante I/O devices.

DETAILS: Dante Via transforms Macs (running OSX) and PCs (Windows 7 or 8) into networked I/O devices. Users can build a complete, standalone audio system of networked computers without any dedicated Dante-enabled hardware present on the network. Any computer instantly becomes a networked audio I/O device. Dante Via frees users

from the constraints of short-reach point-to-point

40 July 2014

analogue and USB cables. It also enables the creation of a flexible audio bridge for a computer to connect with legacy USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt audio interfaces and transform them into networked devices.

AND ALSO: With Dante Via it is said to be easy to distribute or loop back audio via the network from any application such as Skype, iTunes, Cubase, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic or Reaper.


operators with low-latency control over remote systems and equipment via a LAN or WAN. System performance is claimed to be demonstrably superior to the industry standard VNC, particularly at low bandwidth or with high- motion graphics and video. Windows can be displayed

anywhere on the videowall, in any size, within or across screens, and in correct aspect ratio or scaled over multiple monitors. Images within individual windows can be panned or zoomed


IT’S… A 4K laser projector that delivers 12,000 lumens of solid-state illumination.

DETAILS: At four times the resolution of a standard HD projector, the Insight 4K Laser produces a level of detail beyond that available from HD projectors. Suitable for a variety of

vertical markets, the device offers the ability to project large, detailed images from one projector where previously edge-blending two or more projectors would have been necessary.

The Insight 4K is able to operate in both portrait and

landscape mode without any modifications and offers 20,000 hours of illumination from the solid-state laser light source, creating a low total cost of ownership in a small, compact chassis.

AND ALSO: The Insight 4K Laser also features full 4K 3D,

with advanced functionality including Adjustable Dark Time and Sync Offset for optimisation of ghosting and smooth greyscale for active glasses and polarisers.


to emphasise detail. The processor’s window layout options are endless, and users can use presets to save and recall preferred configurations to quickly change the appearance of the videowall.

AND ALSO: The GUI allows users to drag and drop inputs and applications, such as VMS, SCADA and videoconferencing, to the videowall.


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