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For more than 25 years BKS is a leading supplier in various businesses such as Plastics, Recycling, etc.

BKS stands for top quality in standard and tailor made solutions.

The workshop of BKS is located in Lambermont Belgium. Our team of experts and the use of up-to-date machinery offer you grinding, modification and sharpening into as new condition of all your precision knives.

Strict controls assure a very high and constant quality.

BKS re-sharpening procedure consists of:  Identification.

 Worksheet and procedures in our computer system with unique order number.

 De-mounting, cleaning and analyze.

 If repair or extra work is needed, quote for approval/release (to be agreed).

 Re-sharpening according OEM specifications.

 Maintenance and replacement of bearings, seals etc.

 Complete measurement report saved in our computer system and shipped with every delivery of the re-sharpened cutting rotor.

BKS s.a. - n.v. Rue Jean Koch, 4

B-4800 Lambermont

Tel : +32 Fax : +32 Email : Site :

Know-how, experience, machinery and our permanent search for top quality and precision are anchors for BKS. We guarantee that our products and services will comply above your expectation.



This brochure covers the services offered by BKS including the sharpening, maintenance, cleaning and repair of strand and die-face pelletizer systems and their components. BKS also supplies new wear parts.

Entek: extrusion solutions

Extrusion Solutions for Compounding

This brochure focuses on Entek’s extrusion solutions for compounding. It covers the company’s E-Max twin-screw extruders, its ability to offer complete turn-key systems, and its comprehensive spare parts service.

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refreshing extrusion tec hnology

This 12-page brochure covers Leistritz’s state-of- the-art ZSE MAXX twin- screw extruders in great detail. These high-torque, high-volume machines have been developed to deliver improvements in productivity, throughput and quality.

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DuPont: Engineering Design

The latest edition of DuPont’s Enginering Design publication features the company’s IMHP mould pressure technology and discusses thermal ageing performance of its latest Zytel PA grades. Plus, a case study of the development of Knoll’s new Generation offi ce chair.


October 2012 Efficiency and reliability – achieving Ideal Production

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Struktol: additives for plastics

ill & Seilacher family of companies, with representation in ization with over a century of specialty chemical expertise, essing products under the brand name STRUKTOL®

– a name

performance. Struktol manufactures chemicals for the plastics silicone emulsions, products used in latex processing, and ardants.

ives business is by no means typical or ordinary. Chemistry ent Additive Solutions, Struktol products are designed to stomers. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and ative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry – th increased productivity, better quality parts and lower ance, Struktol Customer Service initiatives have become

This brochure from Struktol covers its wide range of additives for thermoplastics, including products for superior viscosity control, improved mixing and fi ller dispersion, plus reduced friction and plate out.

Steer: twin-screw extruders



This six-page brochure from Steer has specifi cations and target applications for its wide range of twin-screw co-rotating extruders, including the Alpha, Omega, Omicron and Mega Series machines.

12 S TEB0047/2012

Intelligent Additive Solutions for Today’s Thermoplastic Industry

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