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36 NAVY NEWS, NOVEMBER 2010 News and information for serving personnel

the pension changes

● Warrant Offi cer of the Naval Service WO1 Terry Casey

WONS and for all

A NEW post has been stood up as Warrant Offi cer of the Naval Service, and WO1 Terry Casey is the fi rst man to take up the role. The First Sea Lord’s Warrant Officer of the Naval Service (WONS) replaces the Second Sea Lord’s Command Warrant Officer. WO1 Casey said: “As the

Warrant Offi cer of the Naval Service I will be well positioned to ensure that your views, as ratings and marines, are properly addressed at

the very highest

level. “We are expecting many changes throughout the Naval Service in the future and there could be some testing times ahead.” In his new role, WO1 Casey will

attend all Navy Board meetings as an observer, will take part in several high-level Naval Service Forums, is a trustee for the Victory Services Club and Royal Naval Association and sits on the Fleet Amenities Board.

He will make use of the Fighting

Arm Command Warrant Offi cers to aid him in his duties and travel extensively independently and with senior members of the Naval Service.

affect you?

IT WAS announced in mid- October that the Pension Tax Relief Annual Allowance (AA) for all UK pension scheme members across public and private sectors will be reduced from £255,000 to £50,000 with effect from April next year. Galaxy message 2010-23 offers some background and information on what this announcement means to members of the Royal Navy – with the caveat that this is a very complex area of personal finance and work is continuing to understand its effects. It

information provided so far, ratings/other ranks and junior officers who are only members of an Armed Forces Pension Scheme (ie do not belong to any other voluntary and additional pension scheme) should not be affected. “Equally those with a pension already in payment should also remain unaffected. “However,

indicated that more senior officers may incur an in-year tax liability on promotion, and for the most senior, when an annual pay award is applied. “Any such changes in personal liability will first occur as a result of the assessment for the tax year 2011-12.

initial work has states: “Based upon the current allowance.”

The Galaxy concludes that the recent announcement still lacks

information will be provided once clarification has been received. In addition, the Independent Service

Public some detail, and further

Commission, led by Lord Hutton, published its interim report on October 7. The Armed Forces Pension Scheme did come under the remit of this report, and Lord Hutton recommended that the Armed Forces should not be asked to increase their contribution rates at this time. However the Commission will be considering a range of alternatives to the current schemes for the longer term. The report covers all public

services are under the same degree of scrutiny.

civil servants and fire

Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Charles Montgomery, sent out a personal note in response which can be found in Galaxy 21-2010. He said: “There are some tough decisions to be made across all Government departments,

least in an effort best to target limited resources,

“There is no retrospective effect to an individual’s

confident that the particular needs of the Armed Forces are well understood and respected.”

Per ect for Leisur Breaks, Banquets &

Situated within the heart of Bournemouth, the Trouville Hotel has the perfect central location.

With the hotel’s recent refurbishment, modern facilities and professional management teams on hand at all times, we feel confi dent in providing the perfect venue, service and support required to make your stay enjoyable.

The Trouville hotel is delighted to be able to offer all Navy News Readers a discounted rate for Leisure Breaks and a reduced rate for our Traditional Sunday Lunch at the price of £9.95 per person for 3 courses and coffee.

  dining rooms suitable for 2 to 200 guests

     

  for groups.

 please contact reception on:



Trouville Hotel, Priory Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5DH

THE TROUVILLE HOTEL3 Star hotel located in the heart of Bournemouth Reunion Weekends.

Pensions Reunions

HMS Falmouth (F113) 1980 Decommissioning: Reunion at a shipmates house on November 20. Already have a dozen stokers/greenies, all looking forward to it. I’ll give the venue etc, when you get in touch with me – MEM(L) Dave Scott (Scotty). Contact details or tel: 07801 263330.

servants: health workers, doctors, police,

Maritime Carol Service: The service will take place at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, St James Mount on December 2 starting at 1930. It is being held in aid of the RN & RM Charity. Music by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, Scotland. The BBC’s Canon Roger Royle will also be there. Tickets, Adults £10, Concessions £8, Children £4, Children under 5 are free, can be obtained from Mrs P A Brown at or write to 35 Winston Drive, Noctorum, Birkenhead, Wirrall, CH43 9RU.

DECEMBER 2010 not but I am

Social at HMS Excellent on December 10 at the GI’s Club, starting at 19:30. Free raffl e and food. Come one, come all. Why let the truth get in the way of a good dit? Contact: or tel: 023 9235 6868.

Portsmouth Field Gunners Christmas

Loch Class Frigates Association: Reunion takes place at The King Charles Hotel, Chatham, Kent from April 15 to 18. All members of the association welcome. Membership is open to all who served on any of the Loch Class ships or their variants (Bay Class, Admirals Yachts, survey ships and repair ships). Some of these types of ships have their own associations but you can always join both. Please contact Andrew Nunn Hon Sec LCFA at andrew.nunn@ or tel: 01179 505835.

reunion is being held from May 6 to 8. All ex serving members of the boat including their families and friends are invited to join us for this weekend, being held at the Bosworth Hotel and spa. The hotel is set in imposing grounds in the middle of the countryside near Coventry. Full details can be found on our website http://www.hmsdreadnought. or Peter Ford, tel: 01268 696625 or Bruce Allan, tel: 01206 322313. HMS Saintes Association: Reunion from May 20 to 23 at the Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford. All former shipmates and guests are welcome. For more information contact Ron Miles on 01404 43177.

HMS Dreadnought Association: The MAY 2011

Lascaris (Malta) Association: Reunion at the TLH leisure Resort, Torquay from October 3 to 7. Contact the Social Secretary, Mrs M Burgess at or write to Jim Goode, Four Winds, Rock Lane, Ludlow,SY8 1SF for more details.


Reunion: The King Charles Hotel, Chatham, has been booked for November 4-6 2011 and it would be nice if family members and friends can also join us on this occasion, so why not invite them as well and let’s fi ll the hotel? A booking form is available from the hotel or tel: 01634 830303, which gives you the prices for the package and it would also be nice if you could let David Thompson have some indication of your interest as soon as possible at or tel: 01934-520216, so that he can gauge numbers for the weekend.

HMS Cavalier 1970-72 Commission

Reunion: A reunion is being planned for November 2012, to be held near Northampton, to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of 789 Squad. It would be appreciated if all former members (or their close relatives) of the squad could contact one of the people below, with your address details, so that if you wish to attend we can plan accordingly, or – at the very least – to put you all into contact with other members of the squad, if you so wish. It would be nice to hear from you all. Contact Brian Bartlett at or tel: 0151 639 8078 or Allan Short at allanshort@btinternet. com or tel: 01933 651816 or Skid Barden at or tel: 0117 983 1350.

789 Squad RM 50th Anniversary Sports lottery

£1,500 – S/Lt J R Laverick; £500 – MEM1 D M Hoare.

£1,500 – Mne T D Chapman; £500 – Mne A S Keeble. October 16: £5,000 – Cpl L J McHamilton;

£1,500 – WO1 M S Podbury; £500 – OM E L Williams. October 9: £5,000 – LA(SE) J M Williams;

Wright; £1,500 – WS J Bird; £500 – ABHM D S Snape. October 2: £5,000 – Lt D J Alcindor;

September 25: £5,000 – ETWE B T NOVEMBER 2012 NOVEMBER 2011 APRIL 2011 NOVEMBER 2010 THE TIME OF YOUR LIVES 197019801990

2000 LIVES

We fl ick back through the pages of Navy News to see which stories were drawing attention in past decades...

How will

Is it next of kin or emergency contact?

DO YOU know the difference between your emergency contact (EC) and your next of kin (NOK) on JPA? Your next of kin is your closest living relative in order of: spouse (even if separated) or civil partner; children or grandchildren; parents; brothers or sisters; grandparents; uncles or aunts; and if no living relatives, it can be a friend. You enter details through JPA

> Self Service > Personal info > Contacts. The emergency contact is the person you nominate to be first notified if you are killed, missing,

wounded, injured or ill.

to be able to inform all interested parties – it can be your next of kin, but if not, you can request that your next of kin be notified separately.

through JPA > Self service > Personal info > EC.

Again, you enter details

Please check your details on JPA – for everyone’s sake.

The MOD is legally obliged to inform next of kin in the event of you dying or going missing, the next of kin are normally the focus of support and assistance provided by the MOD.

This person must be trusted It’s your 2-6

NEED to get your message across to the rest of the RN? The 2-6 TV DVD has been aligned with the Personnel Support

8809, FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC SO2 ■ WO1 Baz Cooke, 93832

enhanced package for use in sharing information. Feedback received regarding the new-look 2-6 TV DVD is encouraging. Your thoughts and opinions are invaluable. To feature in the Navy News 2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr Heather Lane or WO1 Cooke. ■ Lt Cdr Heather Lane, 93832


8821, FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC WO ■ Pauline Aquilina, 9621

Brief providing an

● 18 months after its refi t, the ski-jump ramp fi tted to HMS Hermes came into its own during the Falklands Confl ict, the tired carrier is seen here returning to Portsmouth in July 1982

November 1970

FOLLOWING the popularity of The Navy Lark, the BBC introduced a new series on Radio 4 featuring amusing anecdotes about a submariner, Leading Stoker Bootle. The stories were written by a former submarine captain,

Richard Compton-Hall, who after 25 years in the Navy had become Director of Services for John Lewis. They were voiced by broadcaster Martin Muncaster, who visited the submarine HMS Tabard to soak up the atmosphere of Bootle’s mess. They were based on the author’s experiences of 25 years in the RN. Bootle was a sort of nautical Andy Capp who even managed to get away with diving his submarine alongside in harbour.

November 1980

HMS Hermes, the biggest ship in the Navy, was due to celebrate her 21st birthday on November 25. The ship was undergoing a major refit in Portsmouth, acquiring amongst other things a ski-jump ramp to operate the Sea Harrier and prepare her for another role in her varied career. Hermes had a long gestation; she been launched by Lady

Churchill in 1953, and was commissioned in 1959, as an entirely new class of aircraft carrier, boasting three post-war British inventions, the angled flight deck, the deck landing mirror sight, and the steam catapult. Until 1970 the ‘Happy Hermes’ operated all over the world as a conventional carrier. She was then modernised at Devonport and converted into a helicopter commando carrier.

November 1990

AS A BATCH of 75 Wrens prepared to join HMS Invincible in late November, the first detachment of women at sea was already settling into HMS Brilliant.

Fourteen WRNS junior ratings had joined the Type 22 frigate in Devonport the previous month after completing their sea training.

Capt Richard Cobbold, Commanding Officer of HMS Brilliant, said: “The Wrens will enhance the operational effectiveness of the ship with their specialist skills.”

November 2000

ROYAL MARINES from 45 Commando were on patrol in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, tackling violent crime and keeping the streets safe for its citizens. The green berets had already spent two months in the city,

where there were two murders and several shootings within two weeks of their arrival.

The Commandos stepped up the number of patrols and carried out routine searches of vehicles, people and property, leading to many arrests and seizures of machine guns and grenades.

It was also announced that non-seagoing WRNS – the former NSV ratings – would be allowed to apply for sea service at any time.

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