Excellence in Clinical Nursing

An RN who demonstrates superior clinical nursing knowledge and expert skills and who applies both talents in ways that measurably impact the quality of patient care and improve outcomes in any clinical setting or nursing specialty.

Ann Benedict, MSN, RN, CCRN

Clinical Staff Nurse, PCICU

The Medical University of South Carolina Charleston

Excellence in Community Care

An RN who exemplifi es outstanding clinical knowledge and nursing expertise in caring for patients in settings beyond the hospital, including professional home care nursing; home hospice; sub-acute and intermediate care; and other ambulatory community, industrial or school nurse roles.

Allison Lowderman, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner,

The Center for Concussion Management

The University of Kansas Hospital

Kansas City, Kan.

Sharing the vision by writing a Beacon document is the contribution to the profession that Benedict considers her most valuable off ering to date. “Writing this document helped me to fi nd a voice to express what we do in our heartfelt and measured eff orts to care for critically ill children,” she said. “Leading our team to accomplish a Silver Level Beacon Award was affi rmation that our eff orts stand out among our peers.”

Benedict works in a 14-bed pediatric cardiac ICU and serves as a charge nurse and preceptor. She said becoming a Magnet champion for the PCICU also provided great insight into the importance of understanding why nursing-led opportunities lead to the greatest outcomes for patients.

Serving as Magnet champion also helped her decide to return to school aſt er 30 years. “Now I am equipped to disseminate fi ndings of my original evidence-based practice projects, such as my study on closed arterial lab sampling devices,” Benedict said.

Her project, including research, study and implementation, is one more confi rmation of her passion for evidence-based practice that improves patient outcomes.

“This award recognizes the areas of nursing that are my passion — community, education and advocacy — and brings to light the exceptional work that ambulatory nurse providers do every day,” Lowderman said when she received her GEM Award for Excellence in Community Nursing.

As the fi rst and only NP at the Center for Concussion Management, Lowderman created, developed and implemented the teleconcussion program, which provides services to patients outside the Kansas City metropolitan area. “I am in the process of expanding this program to patients in Missouri,” she said. “This program reduces patient symptom exacerbation, cost and time for the patient who would normally have to travel long distances to the clinic.”

Lowderman champions the work of advancing the practice of nursing. “I advocate for each individual to stay involved in the nursing community, to join a professional organization, to promote nursing positively and to protect nursing practice,” Lowderman said. She said mentors have provided her with strong support and guidance, prompting her toward career advancement that uses her strengths and helps her develop professionally.

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