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This handy recess is an ideal

spot for putting your sunglasses and phone while helming

Look and feel of the dash is

mostly very classy and the ergonomics are good too

Princess’s digital instrument

module is clear, concise and minimises clutter on the dash

The raised sunpad and bench on the foredeck turn this area into a brilliant fair-weather entertaining space

These vents look and feel rather cheap for a boat

of this size, and from a yard as quality conscious as Princess

The S65 is, in my opinion, the best looking boat that Princess currently builds

fl ybridge and sunroof it simply doesn’t feel as special as the Princess does on board, though that is refl ected in the price and it is being replaced by a 680S next year. And the Sunseeker is an excellent sea boat with a sumptuous interior and potential 40-knot plus performance thanks to the bonkers Arnesons but it misses out on the sunroof, which is part of what makes these boats so good. It’s no great surprise that the S65 is a well-

rounded and talented machine, but add in the visual punch of the S range and Princess’s latest styling cues and storming performance and you have an extremely desirable package.

However, the fl ybridge is only about the size of the one on the Princess 43, and that simply won’t add up for those who value a larger party platform up top. But if you can see past that there is so much to like about the S65. It is, in my opinion, the best looking boat that Princess currently builds (run very closely by the new V58) and the interior an almost perfect balance for the owner operator. Predictable it may have been that Princess would build the S65 but it wasn’t so inevitable for it to be quite this good. Contact See Princess website for dealers. Web:

PERFORMANCE TEST ENGINES Twin MAN V12-1400. 1,400hp @ 2,350rpm. 12-cylinder 24.2-litre diesels


RPM 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 2,000 2,200 2,350 Speed 11.0 12.2 16.1 20.6 25.3 30.2 33.7 36.6 LPH

67.6 129 176 243 324 413 475 544

GPH 14.9 28.4 38.7 53.5 71.3 90.8 104.5 120 MPG 0.74 0.43 0.42 0.39 0.35 0.33 0.32 0.31 Range 534 310 300 278 256 240 233 221


Helm 68 65 69 72 76 79 83 82 Cockpit 80 81 83 84 85 85 86 86 Saloon 68 68 72 74 78 80 83 84


Price as tested

Variable speed thrusters Crew cabin fit-out

£1.52m (twin 1,150hp) £1.65m (twin 1,400hp)

£9,130 £6,850

Electric sliding berths in guest cabin £1,930 Teak side decks and foredeck Telescopic passerelle Sliding sunroof

Onan 19kW generator = Options on test boat

Speed in knots. GPH & MPG figures use imperial gallons. Range in nautical miles and allows for 20% reserve. Calculated figures based on readings from on-board fuel gauges, your figures may vary considerably. All prices exclude UK VAT. 50% fuel, 100% water, 3 crew, no stores or tender; liferaft on board, 20ºC air temp, F1 + calm for sea trials

£24,730 £5,605

£9,905 £15,550 £10,680

Tropical 88,000 BTU air-con (needs 19kW generator)

RIVALS Prestige 620S Price from £994,435 One of the first of the breed and still good, but being replaced by a 680S next year.

Sunseeker 68 Sport Yacht Price from £2.04m Rakish looks and an excellent hull but no sunroof option. Buy the test:

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