high-performance computing ➤

automatically; and hardware independence – GOOPAX detects the video card at runtime and creates tailor-made GPU kernels. Your application runs at maximum performance on all video cards. Te close interplay between CPU and GPU

code allows a completely new programming experience.

DKRZ (booth 550): High performance computing for climate research. As a national HPC center, DKRZ provides high performance computers, high capacity data storage, and management for German climate research. DKRZ’s specialists also offer a range of services covering modelling and programming, from support in carrying out climate simulations, through parallelisation and optimisation of the simulation programs, to analysis and visualisation of the simulation results. At SC’16, DKRZ presents its HPC system

‘Mistral’ with a peak performance of three PetaFlops and a 50 Petabytes Lustre-based

Eurotech (booth 412) is a global company based in Italy. Its HPC division has been developing and manufacturing energy efficient HPC systems for more than 15 years and is committed to excellence in engineering and focus on customers’ needs. Eurotech’s supercomputer line, Aurora, offers a range of hot liquid cooled, dense HPC systems, excelling in energy efficiency, reliability and performance. At ISC16, Eurotech will present a live demo on the ultimate

parallel file system. Te data management services of DKRZ are shown on the example of the project CMIP-5. As the project coordinator, DKRZ informs about the new Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE). DKRZ computers are regularly used for the

extensive simulations that contribute to the IPCC reports. On a screen DKRZ presents these climate simulations. Te DKRZ ‘Scientific Computing’ research

group participates in the student cluster competition.

Univa (booth 1216) is a supplier of workload management products that optimise performance of applications, services and users. Univa Grid Engine increases utilisation and enables enterprises to scale compute resources, including containers, across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. A variety of add-ons can be utilised to

extend workload management capabilities and create a customised solution for any enterprise infrastructure. Our advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities provide insights to make scheduling modifications and achieve even faster time- to-results with lower overall costs. Univa’s solutions help hundreds of companies to manage thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day. Univa is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Canada and Germany.


For Altair (booth 1110), advancing HPC is more than a business focus – it’s a passion that powers innovation and discovery for our clients and within thier organisation. From their award-winning PBS Works workload management suite and cloud appliance solutions to modern business intelligence technology and the recent introduction of the open source licensing option of PBS Professional, Altair is committed to supporting the needs of the entire HPC community. Altair is a proud founding member of the

Linux Foundation’s OpenHPC collaborative project and is dedicated to advancing soſtware for exascale computing. Altair will announce the release of the open source licensing option of its PBS Professional flagship HPC technology and its availability within the OpenHPC stack. Altair will also unveil new product technologies for the PBS Works user community.

PRACE (booth 1201) will highlight results from its HPC systems, and promote the PRACE-supported workshops on PRACE Training and Women in HPC. Te winner

deskside Deep Learning machine, the Aurora HiVe DevKit equipped with 4x Nvidia TitanX cards, 35 TFlop/s of power ‘in a shoebox’. On display also the Aurora HiVe node, a highly modular server designed

to accelerate a vast number of applications. Samples of the Aurora Tigon blades equipped with KNL or ‘Broadwell’ processors, featuring the 2nd Generation Aurora Hot Water Cooling Technology, will also be showcased at Eurotech’s booth.

of the annual PRACE-ISC Award will be announced during the Opening Ceremony. Visitors are invited to listen to a speech by the PRACE managing director, Alison Kennedy, and receive a special giſt. Te newly created PRACE Fact Sheets will

be available, as well as the PRACE Annual Report 2015. New this year is a series of short but in-depth presentations on the PRACE Peer Review process, PRACE Training, and PRACE for Industry and SHAPE. PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced

Computing in Europe is a persistent pan- European Research Infrastructure of world- class supercomputers in all major architectural classes. PRACE powers excellent science and engineering in academia and industry, addressing society’s grand challenges and serving as a vital catalyst in fostering European competitiveness and economic growth.

10Gtek’s (booth 1050) QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly features eight differential copper pairs, providing four data transmission channels at speeds up to 28Gbps per channel and meets 100G Ethernet (4x25Gbps) and InfiniBand EDR (Enhanced Data Rate ) requirements. Tis 100G copper cable assembly features a unique construction with individually wrapped twinax pairs, resulting in low insertion loss and low cross talk.

QSFP28 designed for data centre,

networking and telecommunications markets that require high speed, reliable cable assembly, this next generation product shares the same mating interface with QSFP+ form factors, making it backward compatible with existing QSFP ports. QSFP28 can be used with current 10G and 14G applications with substantial signal integrity margin.

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