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 New facility enables repair and painting of composite wing panels, below; Environmental Services company invests in Rochdale, bottom

Rochdale factory ready to fly

Rochdale on 6 February The facility, with excellent links to the


motorway network, enables the business to sustain growth by substantially increasing available space. Furthermore, the introduction of collaborative work areas will enhance a teamwork-based culture. BES has enjoyed rapid business growth

in the past few years and has successfully strengthened its teamas a result. The office move allows this expansion to continue, with the new facility doubling available space from464 to 928 sqm. Themove wasmade possible through

support fromRochdale Borough Council, but nevertheless the business has invested more than £500,000 in the construction of a new link between the two office buildings and in the fit-out of the offices themselves. BES has been focusing on increasing its

profile and presence in the region and was awarded Business of the Year with turnover above £5min last year’s Rochdale Business Awards. Based inMiddleton formore than 10 years, the office expansion further emphasises the company’s commitment to the borough in the long term. “In the last two years, BES has

experienced exceptional growth; it has trebled its turnover and increased its staff numbers tomatch,” explainsMD Steve Marsh. “Themajor investment in our impressive new office spacemeans that our facility nowmatches the ambition of the business. Themove to Sandbrook Park will

36 /// Environmental Engineering /// February 2017

leanroomand laboratory design and construction specialist, Boulting Environmental Services (BES), officially opened its new office in Sandbrook Park,

Growth at Boulting Environmental Services has been so rapid, it has had to build a bigger, Grade D facility

also give our teamroomto grow again and we expect to further strengthen our team again in 2017. “The collaborative workspace will

improve the output and efficiency of our engineers. Our people are our greatest asset and the new facility will enable our project teams to work together on design and construction projects in an open and vibrant environment. “Improving cross-disciplinary

collaboration through huddle spaces and collaboration areas and having the right working environment will refine the efficiency and creativity of our team. This will allow BES to build on its teamwork and integration and ultimately help to deliver exceptional service for our clients.” Cllr Richard Farnell, leader of Rochdale Borough Council added: “It’s great to see

that, as companies like BES grow, they are choosing new sites in Rochdale, so that the investment and jobs they bring continue to benefit local residents. l’mglad that BES, like somany other organisations, think that Rochdale is a great place to do business and continue to boost our local economy.” Working as a specialist subcontractor,

Boulting has designed and built a standalone Grade D cleanroomfor the repair and painting of composite wing components for the A350. The fully co-ordinated design concluded

in a steel portal frame to support the HVAC plant and provide restraint to the 8mcomposite panels. The panel system wasmanufactured usingmetal facings bonded to a high density structuralmineral fibre core and was finished with a powder coated, high-gloss paint, which reduced the construction time on site. Careful consideration and detailed

calculations are required to achieve a Grade D environment in an 8mhigh cleanroom. Eight changes of filtered and conditioned air are provided via a dedicated air handling unit located above the cleanroomcompleted with DX cooling and electric heating. Supply air is delivered at high level by swirl diffusers with automatic blade adjustment to ensure good mixing in both heating and coolingmodes. Air is recirculated through high level grilles back to the air handling unit, with maximumfresh air for occupants and pressurisation to the room. A distribution board was installed for

small power, lighting andHVAC supplies. A lighting level of 500 lux was achieved using a high-bay lighting lamp. EE

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