2017 Sunrise Tour Guides, continued...

Track T orough- breds (OTTBs). Elizabeth, a ju- nior at Maryvale Prep, has been working with her own OTTB since 2013.

She fox-

hunts, shows, and rides in steeple-

chase races with her mare Girlsruletheworld. “We are excited to have Elizabeth as a guide this year!” said Fran Burns.

Posey Obrecht

Posey Obrecht has been around horses for as long as she can remember. She grew up foxhunt- ing, competing in hunter/jumpers on the “A” circuit and playing polo. Polo is Posey’s sport of choice these days; she has won two

National Championships and was the Wom- en’s College Player of the Year her senior year at the University of Kentucky. During college, she worked at Fasig Tipton and also with Ge- organne Hale at Pimlico. Posey has been back to the track every year since college because as she loves the Preakness and Pimlico so much! Currently, Posey is teaching polo and working for the United States Polo Association.

Bev Strauss Bev Strauss grew up riding T oroughbreds in

New Jersey. A Graduate A in Pony Club, she

has competed in a wide variety of horse sports. She attended the University of Virginia and Rut- gers Graduate School of Manage- ment, then managed a racing and breeding farm in NJ where she met her husband Tom (also a tour guide). T eir mutual love of racing led Bev to starting her own busi- ness breaking and training T or-

oughbreds. In 2002, Bev and her friend Ginny Suarez co-founded MidAtlantic Horse Res- cue with three horses and a rented three-acre fi eld. MAHR is now home to over 35 T or- oughbreds, and is nationally known and fully accred- ited by the T or- oughbred Aftercare Alliance. MAHR works closely with Maryland racing to provide quality af- tercare for all T or- oughbreds when their racing careers are over. Bev loves being at the track and inter- acting with racing fans who share her enthusi- asm for the horses and the sport.

Don Miller Don Miller

started working at the racetrack at age 15 and still loves it. He rode as a jockey for six years in Mary- land, Florida and Kentucky. “I am

Lucky Cricket Farm, LLC

Dressage Schooling Show Series Huntingtown, MD, Calvert County

May 13 (Sat.) June 6 (Sun.)

Entry Forms Available /LuckyCricketFarm

BOARDING, LESSONS & DRESSAGE TRAINING AVAILABLEGE TRAINING A Classes may be divided for juniors & adults if enough entries

30 | THE EQUIERY | MAY 2017

717-249-8875 Carlisle, PA

lucky to do what I truly love,” he said, going on to describe racing as “a great game.” Don also really enjoys teaching, saying “people what it is all about.” Don’s son, Don, won the 1983 Preakness aboard the Maryland-bred Deputed Testimony.

Fran Scully

Once upon a time, Fran Scully dreamed of being a fl at track jockey and she prayed she would be small. Fast forward to today: Fran is the shortest member of her family, but she is now in charge of historic projects and garden design at Ladew Topiary Gardens just outside Baltimore.

Her connection to the horse in-

dustry is through her daughter Elizabeth, who started in the show world, discovered foxhunt- ing and steeplechasing, and now has her own off -the-track T oroughbred. At Pimlico, Fran can be seen at the Sunrise Tour check-in table matching spectators with tour guides.

Cindy Merrill

Cindy Merrill, daughter of fellow tour guide Don Miller, was born into a racetrack family. Her dad was a jockey and a trainer, her brother rode in races and she was also a jockey. Cindy won 13 races in two years before a two-year-old she was riding at Timonium decided to jump the inside rail out of the gate. “She made the jump successfully. I did not,” Cindy explained. After getting a helicopter ride to the nearby shock trauma center, where she spent ten days, Cindy had to stop riding. She decided to spend the down time hav- ing her fi rst child. Many years later, Cindy rode in a few more races be- fore retiring. She has three children,


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