Acronym Soup YOUR MARYLAND HORSE COUNCIL PUBLICATION How the Maryland Horse Council Works

Tere are a lot of horse-related non-profits in our state, and most of them have the words “Horse” and “Maryland” somewhere in the title. It’s easy to get them confused. We thought it would be helpful to explain to our readers how our non-profit, its affiliated entities, and our associ- ated acronyms, each fit into the bigger picture. Our non-profit, the Maryland Horse Council (MHC), is a 501(c)(6)

trade association that is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and an all-volunteer Executive Committee. A 501(c)(6) “trade association” is a private, non-governmental, membership organization that is in some ways similar to a chamber of commerce, except that unlike a chamber of commerce, we are open not only to those who are in the horse business, but also to all those who participate or are interested in the equestrian community. We are the umbrella organization for all of Maryland’s horse folks. Our members include everyone from the owners of huge barns, farms and even racetracks, to the owner of a single, beloved, backyard “lawn ornament,” and everyone in between. We welcome everyone, and work to serve all. Our mission is to lobby state and local government for sensible and

economically sound policies that affect the horse industry, and to provide educational and business networking resources for the Maryland horse community. We have been helping the Maryland horse industry for over 35 years.

MHC publishes a trade magazine–Te Equiery–in which we dissemi- nate horse industry news, educational articles, photos, and profiles on horse businesses and horse people. Te Equiery also maintains a service directory for businesses that serve the Maryland horse industry, as well as a lesson and boarding barn directory.

MHC has nine standing committees: 1. the Executive Committee; 2. the Government Relations Committee; 3. the Membership Committee; 4. the Equine-Assisted Terapy Committee; 5. the Farm Stewardship Committee; 6. the Trails and Greenways Committee; 7. the Toroughbreds and Standardbreds Committee; and 8. the Business Professionals Committee.

Executive Committee Tis committee is elected by the Board of Directors and is comprised of the officers of MHC plus five additional MHC members. It executes the business of the MHC, subject to the policies and priorities established by the Board. Te Executive Committee is chaired by the Co-Presidents, Kim Egan and Corinne Pouliquen.

Government Relations Committee Tis committee represents the Maryland horse community before state, county, and local entities by presenting written and oral testimony at hearings, by generating member communications on legislative activities of interest, and by educating both legislators and members on matters of policy relevant to the horse industry. Te current chair is Jane Seigler.

Membership Committee Tis committee grows MHC’s membership base by developing con- | 800-244-9580

cepts for member benefits, developing recruitment and membership material for all equine constituencies, developing internal membership communications material, and planning outreach events. Te current chair is Ashley Adams Aycock.

Equine-Assisted Terapy Committee Tis committee liaises with the therapeutic riding community, includ- ing therapeutic-riding centers, veteran assistance programs, and other organizations that connect horses and people as a catalyst for wellness. Te current chair is Laura Lane-Unsworth.

Farm Stewardship Committee Tis committee helps horse farm owners and managers reach their land

stewardship goals by providing user-friendly information, community support, and access to information on financing and other incentives. Te committee also brings the voice of the horse community into discussions of laws, regulations and incentive programs for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Te current chair is Jane Tery.

Trails and Greenways Committee Tis committee liaises with Maryland’s trail and greenways equestrian

groups, supports recreational land uses including public trails and trail access, and provides educational opportunities for horsemen working on local land use issues. Te current chair is Carolann Sharpe. Read more about this committee on page 15 of this issue!

Toroughbreds and Standardbreds Committee Tis committee liaises with the Maryland Toroughbred and Stan-

dardbred industries, assists with horoughbred and Standardbred after- care through METS, and raises awareness of track re-development, safe track research, and back stretch support at Maryland venues. Te current chair is Kim Egan.

Business Professionals Committee. Tis committee hosts networking events for MHC’s Industry Profes-

sional members, such as educational seminars and social gatherings. Te current chair is Crystal Brumme Pickett.

We are affiliated with a § 527 non-connected political action commit- tee that raises private money to support horse-friendly candidates for State and local offices. Te PAC is called, imaginatively, the Maryland Horse Council Political Action Committee.

Last but not least, we are affiliated with a public charity called, similar-

ly imaginatively, the Maryland Horse Council Foundation, Inc. (“the Foundation”). Te Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the Maryland horse industry and to solidifying the strong ties between Maryland residents and the Maryland equine community. Te Founda- tion runs the Maryland Equine Transition Service (METS), a conduit program that provides safe alternatives for horses needing homes by helping owners identify and select the best transition options for their horses.


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