During March, the Maryland Horse Council worked diligently to

increase collaboration across the state and even the world with other groups in the equine and agricul- ture industries. T e MHC was once again on the road to the Baltimore County Agricultural Center as a sponsor and sup- porter of the LEAD Maryland Alumni Committee’s seminar entitled

“Where to Find Ag

Money & How to Get it.” T ere was overwhelming attendance from the equine community with nearly 50 attendees for an informational agenda presented by Farm Credit which covered funding and lending opportu- nities from the USDA, MAR- BIDCO, other county specifi c programs. As we continue to work in tandem with the Maryland De- partment of Agriculture’s Maryland Horse Industry Board, we visited Grove Creek Mules in Centreville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to learn more about their world champion equine operation and hear from the Secretary of Agriculture, Joe Bartenfelder. T is meeting was a wonderful opportunity to learn more from the local Horse Discovery Centers and hear about the Spring Equine Festival to be held April 20th at Denton 4-H Park. You can learn more about the event at and-events. T e following week, President Neil Agate and Executive

an even larger economic impact in our state, it is important to remember that this is only possible with your continued support. T is spring, the Maryland Horse Council will be relaunching both a new sponsor and partnership program in addi- tion to revamped membership benefi ts. Look for new Partnership Packet in next e-newsletter and upcoming information on the new MHC initia- tives and most importantly, the more robust ben- efi ts our current and prospective members will be receiving! Attendees at our fi rst quarterly meeting at Rosecroft Raceway received a sneak peek. More coverage of that meeting will be available online and in the May issue of T e Equiery. Finally, as the 2019 Maryland Legislative Ses-

Maryland Secretary of Agriculture, Joe Bartenfelder address- ing attendees of the MHIB meeting at Grove Creek Mules.

Director Carrie Hull visited with Kim Weir of the T or- oughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) at a reception at Sagamore Farm. TRF’s Second Chances program “is a unique and pioneering program where inmates build life skills while participating in a vocational training program as they provide supervised care to our retired racehorses.” T ere is a facility in Sykesville and you may contact Kim at kim@thoroughbredre- to schedule an offi cial visit. More information on our local Second Chance’s farm is available at: https://www. trfi facility/. Please check the Out and About section in this issue for photos from the reception. As the Maryland horse industry continues to grow stronger and create

Details of the agenda for the “Where to Find Ag Money & How to Get it” seminar.

sion wraps up, we want to remind our members, enthusiasts, and all other horse community and industry partners that it is imperative to reach out to your legislators about the bills that are af- fecting us. T ese bills are updated on our MHC Legislative Blog and are linked in our e-newsletter. If you are a constituent in any of the counties to be aff ected, it is crucial that you contact your local lawmaker and make an eff ort to attend any hearings in Annapolis. Anyone can contact the commit- tee members listed in our digital communications, both email and social media, on these bills. Our Legislative Committee devotes a signifi cant amount of their time and talent every year to follow- ing the session and these bills. T ank you to our Chairperson, Jane Seigler, and every member of committee including Kim Egan Rutter, Christy Clagett, Jennifer Sponseller-Webster, Joe Michael, Neil Agate, Jacquie Cowan, Royce Herman, Crystal Pickett, Gale Monahan, and Joanne Stone. Should you wish to participate next session, please contact to Ex- ecutive Director, Carrie Hull at T e Legislative Committee is also looking for county liaisons help track local bills.

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