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Table A9. Risk of Dust Impacts- Trackout Potential Impact

Large High

Medium Low

13. High Risk

Medium Risk Low Risk

Dust Emission Magnitude Medium

Medium Risk Medium Risk Low Risk


Medium Risk Low Risk Negligible

The dust emission magnitude summarised in Table A2, is combined with the sensitivity of the area detailed in Table A4 and Table A5 to determine the risk of impacts with no mitigation applied.

20.1.6 Step 3: Site Specific Mitigation 14.

Step three of the IAQM guidance identifies appropriate site-specific mitigation. These measures are related to whether the site is a low, medium or high risk site. Mitigation for the proposed East Anglia THREE project is detailed in Chapter 20 Air Quality.

20.1.7 Step 4: Determine Significant Effects 15.

With the implementation of mitigation measures, the residual impacts from the construction are considered to be not significant, in accordance with IAQM guidance.

20.2 References

Institute of Air Quality of Management (2014); Guidance on the Assessment of Dust from Demolition and Construction.

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