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Professional Military Education . . . Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Kings Bay

Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Kings Bay would like to thank you for the generous donation for our unit PME. It was much enjoyed by our 64 Marines and Sailors who participated. The assistance allowed for us to gain knowledge on a small piece of American History and discuss warfighting which makes us better suited to perform our duties in defense of our great nation. Without your assistance, this learning experience would not have been possible.

The entire event was executed exactly as planned on 9 and 10 December. From the start, the intent of our trip was to maintain a low stress but safe environment complimentary of learning. Fortunately, the weather was nearly perfect with a high of 68 and a chilly 49 when we broke camp on the 10th. Upon arriving at the fort, all hands set up their tents at the campsite and were afforded the opportunity to relax before evening chow. Some chose to play football, listen to music, or gather firewood. Chow was provided by Top’s Jawga Pit (owned by Master Sergeant Christopher Adams retired) and it was absolutely delicious. Barbeque, pulled chicken, macaroni and cheese, and deserts were served to an appreciative gathering of Marines and Sailors. After evening chow, we gathered around a campfire and socialized. Sergeant Major and I provided some remarks about the PME and its purpose. All hands returned to the campsite at 2200 for rest.

The CO and SgtMaj led the 3.5 mile nature hike around Fort McAllister, Georgia.

The following morning reveille was sounded at 0600 to tear down the campsite. Upon completion of breakfast, all hands participated in a 3.5-mile nature hike to enjoy some fresh air. After the safe conduct of our hike, we transitioned into the battle study of Fort McAllister. The fort itself has a rich Civil War history where two major battles were fought. General Sherman concluded his march to the Atlantic with the conquering of Fort McAllister.

The participants first watched a 10-minute video that provided a brief history prior to entering the fort. Once inside they were greeted by Civil War re-enactors and Captain Banke (our battle study lead). Over a two-hour period, we walked the entire fort and discussed each element of warfighting to include: offensive and defensive operations, tactics, cover and concealment, entrenchment, uniforms and weaponry. One of the highlights for the Marines and Sailors was breaking into gun crews and firing an authentic Civil War cannon. At the end of the PME, the participants were afforded the opportunity for photos and self-study prior to departing.

Cpl Kirby, Cpl Kidd, LCpl Penagarcia, and HM2 Ringer firing off an authentic civil war cannon.

I feel the highlight of the PME was the comradery established within a variety of different ranks. For junior personnel to interact with their senior leaders in a more relaxed environment as well received on both ends. Moreover, any exposure of American History tied to military roots will be used by these future leaders as they progress through the ranks.

Sincerely, R. H. Pitchford 6

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