BIB Golden Apple Awards Narges Mohamadi, Iran: I was a Deer (author: Ahmad Akbarpour) Maki Arai, Japan: Dandelion Ji-Min Kim, South Korea: Hide & Seek Ana Desnitskaya, Russia: The Old Russian Home (author: Alexandra Litvina) Daniela Olejníková, Slovakia: Verminarium (author: Jin Dvorak)/ The Escape (author: Marek Vadas)

on the theme of Art v Commerce. We were able to dip in and out of sessions between visiting exhibitions. I went to hear Chinese Vice President of IBBY, Mingzhou Zhang, talk about the growing interest in picture books in China and the new market that is opening up because of this. He told us the mind-boggling fact that there are 386 million young people under 18, quite a market.

Also in Bratislava and the home to all this work and activity is Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children. It was founded in 1987 to promote illustration for children and has a wonderful programme of workshops for school and other groups as well as for individual visitors. Their current exhibitions include one on ‘Isms’ in art, one on emotions and one study of a book about life under the sea. All are fully immersive, interactive and exciting.

BIB Plaque Awards Hanne Bartholin, Denmark: A Story about You/A Story about Everything (author: Seren Lind) Ofra Amit, israel: So-So, Go-Go, and Sunny (author: Dafni Ben-Zvi) Mirocomachiko, Japan: Beasts Smelling Israel Barrón, Mexico: Bestiary of Mexican Fantastic Beings (author: Norma Muñoz Ledo) Romana Romanyshin & Andryi Lesiv, Ukraine: Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper/Ivan Franko From A to Z (Natalia & Bohdan Tykholozy)

Bibiana also hosted the opening of the exhibition of the ICPBS Migration Project, which has now attracted more than 300 entries from all over the world. Illustrators have been asked to contribute a postcard with an image of a bird and a message for refugees on the back. The catalogue includes an introduction from Shaun Tan.


attracted a good deal of attention and talk in Bratislava and it is indeed a simple but brilliant concept which fires the imagination. exhibitions,

Various events and

publications are planned for this work and we hope to find a venue for a London exhibition. The Worcester team led a number of workshops for art students and children during our visit and this exhibition will be open for 2 months.

Each winning illustration is shown at media/images under the BIB 2017 section

We were disappointed not to have any winners amongst our wonderful UK entries but nevertheless were proud of our stand.

I was surprised by the number of events that accompany the BIB programme. There is a two-day international symposium, this year

Books for Keeps No.226 September 2017 17

Bibiana is home to a specialist library of children’s illustrated books. The collection includes copies of all the books entered over the 50 plus years of BIB, together with works of all Hans Christian Andersen winners and all IBBY Honour Books. This is a very useful resource and the librarians are keen to collaborate on ideas to exploit it. They have recently done an exhibition for the European Union on illustrated fairy tales from the 28 EU countries.

If you are ever in Bratislava, make time to visit Bibiana and if you can go in September to BIB it is a very rewarding experience, 2019 will be the next opportunity.

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