I wish I’d written…

Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce, the breathtakingly accomplished sequel to Trickster’s Choice. Aly,

my favourite fictional characters of all time,

and resourcefulness. daughter,

the protagonist, is one of for her quick wit captured by pirates


and sold into slavery, she rises to become an unlikely mastermind of a revolution in the sprawling and divided kingdom of The Copper Isles.

Liz Flanagan’s book, Eden Summer (978-1-9109-8908-1) is now available in paperback published by David Fickling Books, £7.99 pbk.

There is so much to love in this magical universe: Kyprioth,


flamboyant trickster god who uses Aly’s skills to restore himself to power; the darkings, a set of tiny creatures

Good Reads

Now You See Me Emma Haughton, Usborne, 978-1-4095-6369-3, £6.99 pbk

Three years ago Hannah’s best friend Danny

disappeared at the age of thirteen. A few years later Danny comes back,

but something’s

different. Hannah is unsure when she meets him again but then she finds out he isn’t who he turns out to be. The book continues with lots of twists in the story focusing from past to the present of Hannah’s perspective.

This book is completely

different to what I would normally read but is definitely one of the best books I have read all year. It’s so captivating in the way that it draws the reader in straight away, making the plot so realistic and easy to imagine. I would recommend this book to young teenagers. I would give it 8/10. Monte, Year 10

Throne of Glass Sarah J Maas, Bloomsbury, 978-1-4088-3233-2, £7.99 pbk

Throne of Glass is unique and fast-paced. From the first word, Sarah J. Maas pulls you into the story, bringing you along on a journey of electrifying twists and turns. We begin in the salt mines of Endovier in which withering rebels and rasping prisoners alike cling to life. We watch as Celaena, an assassin who made the mistake of getting caught, is dragged up from the inky depths into the Prince’s presence. In this meeting, Celaena is asked to compete in a challenge and become the King’s Champion, presenting her with a reward which could only satisfy a caged bird: freedom. Read, and find out how this assassin’s pursuit of freedom and solidarity quickly turn into discovering mysteries untold, dealing with the attention of one particular captain of the guard and prince, and learning the difference between want and duty, in this first instalment of the ‘Throne of Glass’ series. I would give it 10/10 Alicja, Year 10.

Red Queen Victoria Aveyard, Orion, 978-1-4091-5074-9, £7.99 pbk Red Queen is a highly recommendable read with many plot twists. Civilisation as we know it is divided in two depending on the colour of your blood. Red-blooded people are commoners and are looked down on by the elite Silvers, who are cruel, ruling divinities with god-like superpowers. The main character, Mare Barrow, realises that although her blood is red, she possesses her own power: the ability to control lightning. The Silvers panic and hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess, lying to the whole world. But Mare is also part of a secret organization called the Scarlet Guard, which aims to improve the living conditions of Reds and destroy the Silvers, once and for all.

I love the action and

intensity of the writing, it had me gripped by the first page. I would give it 10/10

Freya, Year 10 Books for Keeps No.225 July 2017 23

The Liberators Philip Womack, Bloomsbury, O/P

This novel is about the supernatural occurrences and meltdown of London from finance and rioting; the fast paced story revolving around a boy named Ivo Moncrief. Ivo is tasked with defending The Koptor; the only device that can stop the Liberators from ending life as we know it. The author creates a dense atmosphere which is very tense and not for the faint of heart as this may give you nightmares! But overall this is a really fun read. I would recommend this book to readers that like an intense story with spooky goings on or just an exciting read in your spare time. I would rate this 10/10, it

is one of my

favourite books and is a great work of modern literature.

Edward, Yr 7.

Liz Flanagan the author of Eden Summer on a story of hope and revolution for our times. The book I wish I’d written is

‘made of blood and magic’ who spy for Aly; and the beautiful kudarung, or flying horses, who become a symbol of hope as the corrupt regime finally begins to crumble. In this concluding part,


draws together a vast spider web of plot threads and a huge cast of characters,

are dramatized here vivid and memorable,

drawn from all sections of a complex and believable society. Serious issues of race and oppression

with such imagination, generosity and humour that there is never a dull moment. I’ve had to buy a new edition because my ten-year-old read my beloved dog-eared copy so often that it fell apart.

Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce is published by Random House but currently unavailable.

Our Good Reads were chosen by young people at the Worth School, West Sussex. Thanks to the students and school librarian Victoria Dilly.




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