Accreditation fosters a safer workplace for women For years, Uniting Communities has provided support services to women who have experienced violence.

After an in-depth application process, starting in 2015, we became an accredited White Ribbon workplace in November 2016. The process involved looking at our approach to the broader issue of violence against women, and building our understanding of gendered violence and its prevention.

‘We are yet to see significant reductions of violence against women,’ says Rev Peter McDonald, Executive Man- ager, Advocacy and Community Relations. ‘Statistics tell us that the numbers are not changing over time, even though the community is more aware of it.’

White Ribbon Australia is the only national, male-led violence prevention organisation. The organisation works to examine the root causes of gender-based violence, challenge behaviours and create a cultural shift that leads us to a future without men’s violence against women.

The White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program provides workplaces with tools to prevent violence against women and to respond to incidents, whether they occur inside or outside the workplace.

‘With 1650 staff and volunteers, there are bound to be women experiencing violence at the hands of their partner within our organisation,’ says Peter. ‘We can make a contribution as a safe workplace in a range of ways, such as providing flexible leave, raising awareness within the organisation and redefining some of our organisational policies. We can also make sure that all of our staff, volunteers, partners and support- ers know we are committed to the preven- tion of violence against women.’

Uniting Communities’ 2015 Board members showing support for White Ribbon

‘This accreditation is way of sharpening our focus on prevention – making sure all of our staff and volunteers are aware of what we can do to foster a safer workplace.’


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