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County Delinquent Tax Notices

I Seensert

Jack Evans resigning from North Buncombe

Editor’s note: This is part one

of a two-part series. NBHS – After 12 years as

principal of North Buncombe High School, Jack Evans has an- nounced this would be his last year at the school. A native of

BY Clint Parker


Yancey County (where his mom was an elementary school teacher for 34 years) and a graduate of Mountain Heritage High School (Class of 1983), Evans attended Appalachian State University in Boone for his Bachelor of Science in Math and a minor in Physics. “I loved my time at Appalachian,” says Evans. “I’ve wanted to teach from my

sophomore year in high school. I knew exactly what I was going to do,” says Evans. Asked if there was another teacher, besides his mom, that influenced him, Evans said, “Yeah, Mrs. Ellis, a fresh- man Algebra I teacher. Her dad was actually a long-time profes- sor at Mars Hill in math.” Ellis wrote in his yearbook


Footloose was big


for students - Page 7

that she never met a young man that asked as many questions in class as Evans did. “I wanted to find out why the math worked. It wasn’t good enough that 2x = 6 and get the answer. Why? And I was that guy. I was the annoying little math guy who didn’t want to know the answer, but why?” He started teaching math at

T.C. Roberson, right after he graduated, just to get his foot in the door. After one semester he went to Erwin High and taught for seven years while also being an athletic trainer for football, basketball coach and golf coach. Evans says Erwin holds a special

During his teaching years he

worked toward his Master’s De- gree in Math from Western Car- olina and in School Administra- tion, along with coaching three sports a year. He also had a wife and two children of his own. In 1995, he left Erwin and be-

North Buncombe Principal Jack Evans in his office surrounded by years of North Buncombe High School memorabilia.

place for him and except for when they play North Buncombe, he always pulls for Erwin. “It’s a wonderful community. A

loving community. I had a great seven years there,” Evan says. “It had a little piece of Burnsville (Yancey’s county seat) in it.”

came assistant principal at Enka Middle School for two years. He then landed his first job at North Buncombe as assistant principal with Rodney Mangum for a year and a half. He was then chosen as principal of Owen Middle School and was there for six and a half years. “I love the Swannanoa Valley,

Black Mountain and that area,” says Evans. However, Evans said, “After

being here (North Buncombe) a Continued on page 16

Police continue looking into auctioneer’s business

While no charges have been

filed in the investigation of a Weaverville auctioneer, the in- vest igat ion c o n t i n u e s with police conduct ing int er v iews

BY Clint Parker


with potential victims. The Tribune first reported last

week that Weaverville Police were investigating Blake Terry, owner of Blake Terry Auctions. The Tribune was contacted by at least two alleged victims of Mr. Terry, who say they are owed

tens of thousands of dollars. The Tribune has learned that

there may be at least eight people who are claiming Terry owes them money and the amount of the total may be closing in on a quarter of a million dollars, ac- cording to one unconfirmed re- port. The Rules & Regulations of

the North Carolina Auctioneer Licensing Board say when an auctioneer sells the property of one of their clients that “Each payment made payable to the auctioneer/firm in which any

portion belongs to others, and which are not disbursed to the seller on auction day, must be deposited in an escrow account for the benefit of the owner or seller of such property within three business days after receipt of same.” The Rules and Regulations go

on to say, “All trust or escrow ac- count records and records of dis- bursement shall be available for inspection by the Commission or its designated agent, without advance notice, and copies shall

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