– WEAVERVILLE – Dolls and dollhouse featured at museum Weaverville – The Dry Ridge museum will be

having its “Dolls and Dollhouses” exhibit pre- miere on April 1, 2017.

“It all started with this doll-

BY Erin Dalton

house that we were given by a man whose wife (Phyllis Griffith) was dying, and she had worked 25 years on it,”

Jan Lawrence, one of the leaders of the museum and niece to one of its founders, said “So once we got it here and got it decorated, then it’s just like it would go from there.” The Dry Ridge is a local nonprofit museum

housed in the bottom of the Weaverville Library on Main St that was founded in 1983. The regu- lar artifacts include items from the Weaver family, founders of the museum, genealogy of local fami- lies, desk from Weaver College, a wedding dress, and other furniture. “The purpose of the museum is to preserve the

history of Reems Creek and Flat Creek town- ships,” Lawrence said. The museum hosts an annual exhibit in addi-

tion to its usual historical, community items. Last year, according to Lawrence, they showcased the movers and shakers of Weaverville, which includ- ed four families. “This year we decided to feature things that

kind of make you happy,” Lawrence said, “so we filled these cases with dolls.” There are three tall glass cases, and one book-

shelf-like glass case with two dollhouses. In total there are 136 dolls from eight to nine collections. Some are on loan and others have been donated, with the ages of the dolls spreading from 1880s to contemporary time. Lawrence even included her grandmother’s and mother’s doll from their child- hood. “I hope they realize the very different kinds of

dolls there are, and from early on that was a form of something to be cherished,” Lawrence said, “from these handkerchief dolls to dolls that cost hundreds of dollars.” The dolls vary from being made from deter-

gent bottles, or Coca-Cola bottles, handkerchief, china. Some are hand-made, some collectible. Two even won Blue Ribbons in the State Fair. The dollhouse, particularly the one made by Mrs. Griffith, displays great care to detail and time. “Originally it was a kit, but then you have to

decide what kind of flooring you want,” Lawrence said, “the wallpaper, and the lights. It’s just amaz- ing.” Dry Ridge Museum will be hosting this exhibit

from April till December, encouraging commu- nity members to come visit.

Jan Rector ABR, CRS

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