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Parish Councils

Crime reports

hedge re-introduced as overgrowthwas causing problems on the narrow lane. Cllrs Buller and Silkinwarned that part of the lanewas unadopted and maintenancewas the responsibility of the owners. However there was merit in finding out the cost and informing owners. Itwas agreed to seek quotes without commitment. Dog bins Eight mixed use binswere being installed to replace nine withdrawn dog bins. Maidstone Council had confirmed that therewas a small budget to cover the requirements of new developments. It would consider a request for bins in Bell Lane and The Bartons once the current programmewas complete. The parish office had questioned the brevity of the consultation period. The clerk said following a representation from a resident he had asked MBC to investigate the installation of a bin at the northern end of BowerWalk rather than outside Surrenden Field. MBC budget Therewas an invitation to comment in public consultation, which had been the subject of an MBC roadshow. Cllr Riordan volunteered to draw up a response on behalf of the parish council. Parish surgery Subjects raisedwere: Sainsbury’s petrol station site; Headcorn Road parking; High Street land next to Lile Loddenden; continuing closure of NatWest branch; the Neighbourhood Plan referendum; Headcorn Road planning applications and crossroads and the Jubilee Field. Play scheme 2017 Itwas proposed to hold a summer play scheme in 2017. Councillors agreed in principle and asked Cllr Buller to investigate options. South EastWater The councilwas advised of a newwater main installation in Pagehurst Road, Marden Road and Oliver Road. Council vacancy The clerk said there had been no request for an election during the statutory period, during which the vacancy arising from the death of Cllr Butcher had been published. The parish council could therefore co-opt a new member. Clerk’s report The clerk and Cllr Spearink had met contractors at Bell Lane pond to discuss drainage work and requested a quote. The caretaker would be fiing a replacement drain cover at Surrenden Field.A new strike plate had been filled to the pavilion door lock and the door itself

A PADLOCK was damaged at an out- building in Amber Lane, Chart Sutton. A window was broken at a home in Bot- tlescrew Hill, Boughton Monchelsea. Parts were removed from a vehicle in Amber Lane, Chart Sutton. A vehicle parked in Duke of York Way, Coxheath,was broken into and an iPodwas taken. A blue ATX mountain bike was stolen

from a garage at a house in The Quarries, Boughton Monchelsea. A home was broken into in Chart Hill

Road, Chart Sutton. A field gatewas damaged in Church Hill, Boughton Monchelsea, but nothing was taken. Asmall trailerwas stolen from a driveway

in ParkWay, Coxheath, but later recovered nearby. A vehicle parked in Wierton Road, Boughton Monchelsea, was broken into

had been eased. The Headcorn Road parking survey had been issued to residents in the vicinity of the western end of the road. Merit award Cllr Riordan said the study group had proposed that a sponsor who wished to remain anonymous would fund an award for community service in Staplehurst over the next three to four years. The award would typically comprise a certificate, an engraved item and a voucher. Itwas agreed that the scheme should be launched with an award to an already identified deserving individual. Tree walk Cllr Buller said she would speak to two residents who took part in the walk about the role of assistant treewarden. Neighbourhood plan Cllr Silkin commented on the 92.56% yes vote in the referendum. He said that asking residents to deliver the leaflets had been a very useful exercise. The Neighourhood Plan steering group would be stood down. Village centre Therewas a discussion about the possible installation of a hearing loop. The management commiee had obtained a quote and councillors recommended that other quoteswere obtained for comparison. PCSO report PCSO Gardner’s report showed three criminal damage incidents; one theft; two thefts from vehicles and one theft of a vehicle.

Suon Valence

Sad news The chairman reported the death of John Partridge MBE and gave a short resume of his work with the Royal British Legion – a minute’s silence followed. Warden’s reportA new pool table had been bought for the youth club, whowere still looking for funding. Phone boxes The clerk had contacted Community Heartbeat Trust and persuaded them to remove both telephones boxes free of charge. BT had given them a grant to do this. Handyman The clerk had found a handyman whowas willing to work for the parish council. Itwas resolved to employ him as and when needed for £10 per hour. The clerk would contact him and check insurance.

Neighbourhood planning Itwas resolved to approve the registration of theWar Memorial playing fields, the Harbour

playing field and allotments and the Bowhalls area including the allotments as Fields in Trust. Brandys Bay Following comments at the Neighbour Plan meeting the clerk had asked that the road named Hopfield be renamed Hop Gardens.


SpeedingA resident raised the issue of speeding along the Lenham Road near FourWents and the damage caused to property when accidents happen. Police report Therewere two reported crimes in the month before the meeting. Community wardenA report said the warden continued to carry ourwelfare visits and had reported more flytipping in the Chegworth Road area. Alarm The pavilion alarm had now been serviced and new key fobs had been coded ready for use. Ditch clearanceA meetingwas to be arranged with Kent Highways to discuss ditch clearance at Neverend Farm. Community rehabilitationA leer had been received from Kent, Surrey and Sussex Rehabilitation Company offering their services with village projects. Itwas agreed to contact them to discuss cleaning work required on the pavilion and lier picking. Tree preservation orders Deanne Cunningham of the Landscape Team at Maidstone Borough Council had confirmed that whilst the sites merited orders they were not classed as high priority, but this could be reviewed in the event of any significant disturbance/felling being witnessed. Recreation play area Itwas resolved to accept the quote from Tree Cycle Tree Care for the annual tree health and safety audit. Ulcombe Hill Therewas a brief discussion regarding the re-opening of an old entranceway on to Ulcombe Hill. Kent Highways confirmed that no permission was required unless the gateway was extended. Flytipping Cllr Shellina Prendergast reported on a positive meeting with the borough council and Highways England regarding flytipping and general rubbish accumulation in the Chegworth Road area with a number of action points being agreed.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

and a mobile phonewas taken. A vehicle was broken into in Plough

Wents Road, Chart Sutton. A Toro ride-on mower was stolen from a garden in Brishing Lane, Boughton Monchelsea, and later recovered in the road. It is believed the offender may have been disturbed. A window was smashed at a home in

Westerhill Road, Coxheath. An outbuilding on a farm in Loddington

Lane, Linton, was broken into and tools were stolen. A shed was broken into at a home in Ket-

tle Lane, East Farleigh. A shed was broken into at a property in

Huntington Road, Coxheath and a blue and grey Alpha Halford mountain bike was stolen. A vehicle was driven across several gar-

dens in Park Way, Coxheath, damaging fencing and plants.




Maidstone Weald December 2016 47

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