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Seattle Woman Creates Web Site Encouraging White People to Pay Reparations to People of Color

things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday. This is for the present tense.”

The site, which began as a social media experiment on Facebook, has garnered a lot of national attention. Some, of course, are criticizing the idea, but others are embracing it. Natasha says she has received both racist and negative responses, and has even received death threats. But this has not deterred her.

According to her web site: “For every malevolent, racist, post submitted via this website, a dollar will be donated to for folks who have specifically requested financial support. The time you invest in spewing hate could be spent supporting someone who needs you in your community. But maybe you have nothing of value to offer your community except a vile contempt for creativity, compassion, and human connection?”

She says she plans to continue allowing people to pay and solicit reparations in what she calls “an organic manner without the regulation of government or committee.” She explains, “[Reparations] is a word that means repair. And I feel like many people feel broken.” Meanwhile, the site has stirred up and renewed the controversial ongoing debate about “white privilege” and “white guilt”. It has also sparked a heated national debate about whether or not descendants of slaves deserve reparations.

Nationwide — Natasha Marin, a poet and conceptual artist from

Seattle, Washington, has recently launched an online initiative that en- courages white people to ask themselves: What can I do to help fix racial injustice? Her web site,, is essentially a public forum where white people can offer their belongings or services, and people of color can request help for a specific need. But Natasha, who is originally from Trinidad, told the Washington Post, “The site isn’t about atoning for slavery. It’s about reparations for

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Earl Jones, Publisher/Editor Adri-Anne Jones, Managing Editor NCDOT TO HOST PUBLIC MEETING AUGUST 11 FOR PROPOSED TIP Project No. B-5353 Guilford County

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will hold an open-house public meeting for the proposed replacement of bridge number 147 on U.S. 29/70 and I-85 Business over S.R. 1009 (Main Street) in High Point.


Teen Reporter: Photographer:

The open-house public meeting will be held at the High Point Theatre, located at 220 East Commerce Avenue in High Point from4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Interested citizens are encouraged to attend at any time during those hours. NCDOT and Consultant staff will be available to provide information on the project, answer questions and receive comments. Please note there will be no formal presentation.

A map of the proposed project is available on the NCDOT Public Meetings Website at:

Anyone desiring additional information regarding the project may contactMs. Beverly Robinson, NCDOT Project Development Engineer at (919) 707-6041 or by email at Comments may be submitted until August 25, 2016.

The Greensboro Times Newspaper

The Shout-Out line

Hello, I’m calling to thank the Greensboro Times for informing it readers that Sarah Palin lost her bid to become Miss Alaska to an African-American woman. I love your paper because we get so much information that the main print media choose not to report. I haven’t observed this shown or reported on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX or Headline News. Thank you for informing us of this in your last month issue (September ’08). Keep up the good work.


Shout Out to 662-2606 The Shout Out Line

The Shout Out Line

Hello, I am wondering whatever happened to the City’s investigation of the 93 black male citizens in the City’s police “black book.” Were these black males subject to any police harassment or miscon- duct? Does anyone on the City Council care? We have heard about the status of the other investi- gations and law suits regarding the police but not this issue. . . . Now the black male is an endan- gered species, especially in Greensboro . . .

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Hello, G-Times, you know what’s up with this Sarah Palin, Joe six pack obsession. Many of the Joe six pack types I know voted for Bush not once but twice. Most of them are worse off than they were four years ago and three of them have lost jobs that they worked on for more than ten years. Joe Six Pack should be mad as hell at Bush and should fear a McCain Palin presidency that obviously will make their income status worst. . .

The Shout Out Line

Lewis Brandon Marisa March Otis Hairston, Jr., Howard D. Gaither

Hello, this is Benny and I want to send a shout out to my running partners who are die-hard Dallas Cowboy fans. . . I can’t stand the so-called America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. . . They are losing games now and I just want to bask in it. The Carolina Panthers is the team to beat this year.

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Well, it appears that the Bush Administration has allowed the rich and greedy Wall Street mafia to rob the American people blind. Bush’s no rich man left behind philosophy resulted in the theft of Billions of dollars from the 401-K plans of millions of Americans. . . and it was all legal . . . Bush should be impeached and the top brass on Wall Street should be put on trial and sent to jail for their obvious criminal conduct . . .

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Greensboro Times, I’m going to pop if I hear one more Republican or anyone else say that Barack Obama is not experienced enough to be president. This man is smart, he is a thinker, he remains

calm and focused under pressure, and based on the way he has run his campaign, he is an excellent strategist and has a good strong handle on the economy.

All of these attributes more than qualify

him to be president. Look at Bush; he was governor of Texas. So--- so much for experience we all know too well this has been no help to him as president. You see, this man can’t think. He can’t

even think his way out of a paper bag. And McCain he is just all over the place. No one knows from one minute to the next what he just might up and do. Look at how on a whim, he just out of the blue ups and pulls Sarah Palin out of the hat. And Oh Lord! If these two end up in the White House, Heaven help us. I think Obama is going to take this one.

The Shout Out Line

Hello Mr. Jones, I read your paper all the time, and I just love it. I look forward to every issue. I have enjoyed the information on Barack Obama and Michelle and the kids. This is just a blessed time for me. I just turned 86 this month, and Lord knows I never dreamed that I would ever live to see a

black man about to become president of the United States of America, but I just hope and pray they don’t try to hurt him. Well I’m not going to worry about that because the good Lord has His arms around him.

Ok now—by, by. And thanks again for your paper. The Shout Out Line

Sales Manager: Earl Jones, (336) 254-8725 Mailing address: 21 Loney Circle, Greensboro, NC 27406

NCDOT will provide auxiliary aids and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act for disabled persons who wish to participate in this workshop. Anyone requiring special services should contactMs. Diane Wilson, Senior Public Involvement Officer at (919) 707-6073 or email: as early as possible so that arrangements can be made.

News & Advertising: (336) 254-8725 Shout Out LIne: 662-2606

You know I’ve been thinking about the government’s mandate to make those of us who still have rab- bit ears and roof antennas to use and watch our T.V. to make us change to digital. I’m seventy eight years old and I enjoy my T.V. now as much as I have done for the last fifty years, just fine. It’s just a way for the government to put more money in the hands of the cable T.V. companies and the satellite companies. By making us switch, it’s going to cost me money to watch T. V. when I don’t have to pay anything now. These companies are going to make millions because of this government sell-out of

me and other who have to switch. . . I never thought I would see the day that our government is con- trolled by corporations and not the people . . . it’s a shame. . .

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Hey G-Times, someone needs to tell the American people that John McCain is more concerned about the Joe who drives the Hummer and not Joe the Plummer.

The Shout Out Line The world series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies should be one of the

best . . . The Rays just came out of no where, I want to shout out to my brother, David, who’s a rabid Philly fan that yea its me, J. B., the Rays are going to kick that . . . . How you like that prediction?


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