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Information on absentee voting for the upcoming provincial election

April 19th (or earlier if the current government should decide to drop the writ early), please don’t lose the opportunity to cast your vote. Your vote is important! You may take advantage of the provisions made for Absentee Voting. Below is the information about how to do this and attached is an application form for an absentee ballot.

I Absentee Voting You can vote in a Manitoba election from anywhere

in the world if you qualify as an absentee voter. You can be an absentee voter if you are an eligible

voter, and you expect: • to be outside Manitoba on advance voting days

and on election day • to be inside Manitoba but at a location significantly

distant from any advance voting place and from your regular voting place on election day Who should apply? • snowbirds • business and vacation travellers • students - special information for post-secondary

students • military • re-located workers • those in remote areas How do I apply?

Download the application form (PDF), then apply

in person, by mail or fax with your application and copies of the required identification: Legible copies of government issued photo identification, such as a driver's licence, or two documents that together con- firm your identity. Te application form (PDF) can be downloaded at Am I qualified?

To be a qualified absentee voter, you must: • be a Canadian citizen • be 18 years of age on or before election day • have resided in Manitoba for at least six months

immediately before election day* • intend to be away for no more than six months *Special circumstances

Te following individuals can still vote even if they

have been away longer than six months, as long as they intend to return to live in Manitoba: • Canadian Forces • Students attending school outside Manitoba - Spe-

cial Information for Post-secondary Students • Individuals working with the Manitoba or Cana-

dian government • Anyone living with the above When do I apply?

Before an election is called, and if you will be away

for at least a month, you can submit an application to Elections Manitoba. Your name will be placed on the Absentee Voters registry, and forwarded to your returning officer when an election is called. Te re- turning officer will then send you an absentee ballot, a list of candidates and instructions. After an election is called, apply to the returning

officer in your home electoral division. Or go to any re- turning office in Manitoba and have your application and copies of your identification sent to the returning officer in your electoral division. Addresses for return- ing offices will be published in local newspapers, on this website, or can be obtained by contacting us. Te returning officer will then send you an absentee ballot, a list of candidates and instructions. Important Dates

Te second Friday before election day. Try to ap-

ply before this date. Otherwise, you might not get the absentee ballot in time to return it. If you apply after this date, you might want to pay for faster delivery service. If uncertain, talk to your returning officer. Te Saturday before election day. Te returning

officer cannot accept an application after this date. 8 p.m. on election day. Te deadline for returning

ballots to the returning officer. For full details about absentee voting visit

January 2016 Smart Biz 5

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship - Green Economic Action Plan Publication: SMART Biz

Green and Growing

Become part of Manitoba’s green economy.

Manitoba is succeeding in the global green economy. Every day, more and more of our province’s energy is produced

from clean, renewable resources including wind, geothermal and hydroelectricity.

These energy sources are not only reducing harmful greenhouse gases, they are creating job and business opportunities.

Find out more about how you can become part of Manitoba’s green economy by visiting

f you or any member of your family plan to be away this winter and there is a chance you may not return in time for the next provincial election on

Smart Biz salutes

the World to visit for 2016. Tis is big news for what the magazine (more like a


force of nature than a magazine) calls the “Little Spark on the Prairie”! Winnipeg’s mention even made the dailies on the tiny Channel island of Jersey, just off the coast of France but liege to Britain. Winnipeg is up there with Bermuda, the Blue Dan-

ube River, New York City and South Georgian Island, to mention a few of the world’s hot spots. It is a singular honour and is predicated not only on the new Human Right Museum but on some of our very every day, take- it-for-granted charms: the Exchange district, Te Forks, skating on the frozen rivers and the Manitoba Museum. It lauds the restaurants, the galleries, what it calls the “French Quarter”, including the Festival du Voyageur. It may be no coincidence that the Manitoba Museum is

hosting the national Geographic touring exhibit, “Earth Explorers” next April. Te earth’s Polar Regions, oceans,

Winnipeg Best Place in the world to visit for 2016

h dear! Te secret is out! National Geographic Traveller edition has just put Winnipeg on its top 20 list of Best Places in

The distinct silhouette of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Photo by Dorothy Dobbie.

rain forests, mountains and caves, and the African sa- vanna are among the eco systems to be virtually explored it he exhibit. Martina Hutchinson from the Museum is the only name mentioned in the article. National Geographic magazine has a circulation of 6.8

million. No amount of marketing dollars could buy this kind of positive publicity for our town. Congratulations to Tourism Winnipeg and all the

others how made this happen. And congratulations Winnipeg! We are so proud of our town.

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