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Parking The chairman reported on the poor parking by parents and carers on the school run that day.Abus or emergency vehicle would not have got through Beverley Road, whichwas totally unacceptable. The clerk would update the PCSOs. Pavilion and play area Gavin Lawrence had replaced the fencepost and adjusted the gate closure at the play area. He also cleared a blockage in the outlet pipe of the pavilion guering whichwas causingwater to build up, making it appear to be leaking again. Parish hall The clerk instructed Country Craftsman to proceed with the re-pointing work.Aquote fromAustin Electricals to replace three heaters (£270 plus Vat), install a new light in the store cupboard (£25 plus Vat) and disconnect the damaged heater (£40 plus Vat),was accepted. Car park Gavin Lawrence had been asked to repair the damage to the railings andwall in the parish hall car park, caused by an unknown vehicle. Cllr Manser had sprayed theweeds in the car park and would clear them, along with the leaves, when they had died back. The chairman expressed the need for a proper maintenance contract for the parish hall grounds as relying on volunteers was not satisfactory. She reported that she had cleared the rubble that had been left in the car park and taken it to the tip. Maidstone local plan The half of the Pea Field thatwas now in Barmingwas now included in the proposed open space allocations, which memberswere keen to support. Allotments The chairman thanked Cllr Doe for cuing back the trees at the allotments. Unfortunately therewere complaints which memberswere made fully aware of. Cllr Doe explained that itwas not practical to drag the large amounts of cuings along the narrow paths between plots to dispose of

AREAR light fiingwas damaged in a Nissan Qashqai in Barnhurst Road. Ahome in Penenden Streetwas broken

into and several documents, an Asus laptop, anAdvent laptop and cashwere stolen. Abicyclewas stolen from a property in Woodcut. APeugeot vanwas broken into in Farleigh

Lane, Fant and the car radiowas stolen. Abicyclewas stolen from a pavement in Calder Road. Personal itemswere taken from a vehicle

in Bambridge Court. Itemswere stolen when a vehiclewas broken into on a driveway in Thomas Rider Way, Park Wood. AFord Fiestawas scratched in Anglesey

Avenue, Tovil. Thewing mirrorswere taken from a car in Roseholme, Fant. The front windowswere smashed on a Nissan Navarra in a car park in Penfold Close, Park Wood. ARenault van parked in Hampshire

Drive, Shepwaywas broken into. Tools, including aDewalt saw and a Dewalt grinder,were stolen. Aproperty in St Catherine’s Road, Park

Woodwas damaged. The rearwindow of a carwas damaged in

PlainsAvenue, Shepway. The bodywork of a carwas damaged in LansdowneAvenue, Park Wood. Avehiclewas damaged on a driveway in South Park Road, Shepway.

46 Maidstone Town Xmas 2015

the debris, whichwas why itwas agreed with Barry Plummer to burn it on site. Members thanked Cllr Dow and the chairman for their prompt action in dealing with the complaints.Aquote for £177 from Brook Security for repairing the lock on the gatewas accepted. The clerk reported that James from Landscape Services would be returning to re-spray theweeds. Wheelie binAnew wheelie bin had been delivered to the parish field as the previous onewas missing. Motorbike event Cllr Doe had been approached by a motorbike club regarding parking and an overnight stay at the parish field in conjunction with a charity event at The Bull pub in aid of the air ambulance. About 30 peoplewere expected to camp on the field and they would supply their own portable toilet. Members expressed concerns about noise and disturbance to local residents who have to be notified and strict terms and conditions would need to be set. Itwas agreed that half the booking fee should be donated to charity and that no vehicles would be allowed to park on the field.

Defibrillator The landlord of The Bull had provided a defibrillator for the local community andwas keen to arrange training, which would be free and arranged by the brewery. Cllrs Doe and Greenwood volunteered for training and Cllr Greenwood would enquire at the post office for possible candidates. Tree Cllr Manser had received a complaint from the owner of Maerdale Gardens regarding the yewtree on parish council land opposite The Bull. Itwas agreed to cut it back by half and keep it managed.


Neighbourhood plan Further stages in the Loose Neighbourhood planning process

were discussed.Astrapline had been agreed – “Loose…a Place Apart”. North Loose Itwas noted that the Spar shop had planning permission for a being shop, a Domino’s pizza franchise and another takeaway. The parish councilwas also advised that the Loose neighbourhood plan steering group supported the North Loose neighbourhood plan. Local plan consultationAmember of the public spoke regarding the inclusion of a proposed development of 75 houses on land south of Leonard GouldWay and to the rear of houses on Pickering Street. The parish council confirmed itwas aware of this development and that it lay in the local landscape value area, which contravened policy guidelines. Again, in contradiction, Maidstone Council had previously confirmed that it would resist any further development south of Maidstone as this would exacerbate traffic problems. The parish council rejected the draft plan and a response would be submied to the borough council. SpeedWatch Cllr Peter Rigby had aended a meeting regarding SpeedWatch and found it beneficial in potentially tackling the speeding traffic problem in Loose. The worst areaswere along the viaduct and by Loose Primary School. Itwas agreed that information on seing up SpeedWatch would be obtained. HGVsAcomplaint had been received regarding the number of HGVs using the Beggars Roost site. The road had been left very muddy and damage to the sides of the roadwas evident. This had been reported to the borough planning department. Communitywarden Liz Lova had visited the site and spoken to the developer.A sweeper lorry had been ordered as a maer of urgency. The PCSO would investigate parking in this area whichwas blocking the access and creating a risk.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Apropertywas damaged when somethingwas thrown at it in Brishing Lane, Park Wood. Afirst floor window of a home inWest

Park Road, Shepwaywas smashed. Aproperty in St Leonard’s Road, Allingtonwas damaged. Apostboxwas damaged in Bedford

Place. Avehiclewas damaged in a car park in

Castle Road, Allington. Two glass balustradeswere damaged at a property in North Pole Road, Barming, Therewas a break-in at a shed underneath a block of flats in London Road, but nothing appeared to be missing. Asidemirror and an aerialwere stolen

from a Vauxhall Corsa in a car park in Victoria Street. Thewing mirrorswere damaged on a

Ford Ka in Wheeler Street. The number plateswere taken from a

vehicle in Holland Road. The rear tyrewas slashed on aHonda motorbike in Grecian Street. The number plateswere stolen from aVW

in Heathfield Road. Alit fireworkwas thrown into the

doorway of a home in Wheeler Street, damaging the door. Ablack andwhite Carrera mountain bike

was stolen from a bike rack at a fitness centre in Barker Road, Fant. CCTV footage shows itwas taken by a man in his 30s, about 5ft 7in tall and of medium build. All four tyreswere damaged on a car in

Tarragon Road. Two bay trees in potswere stolen from a

driveway in Chartwell Drive. AFord truck parked on a building site in Hermitage Lanewas broken into. Gardening equipment including a Stihl leaf collector and a Stihl hedge trimmerwas stolen.Agreen Rover carwas seen at the scene.



Parish Councils

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