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Creative Retirement has moved! Come visit us at our new location at 101- 1075 Portage Avenue. Our new home has lots of free parking in the parking lot located right behind the building. You can find our fall guide online at or pick up a paper copy at your local library or Safeway store. If you have any questions, please call us at 949-2565.

We still have plenty of classes beginning in late fall with room for you! Take a look at some of the course offerings below and check our full listing online at

Using your Android Tablet or Smartphone


Face Book - Hands-On How to use your account. Topics: friends, posting, the timeline, the news feed, private messages, sharing, privacy settings, photos.

Picture Editing with Easy and Free PicMonkey

Edit your pictures with an easy-to-use website. Many editing tools for touch- ing up, enhancing & improving your photos. Is feature-rich, and offers 'pro- fessional' results.

Samsung, Acer, Asus, Nexus use Google Android operating system. Setup Wi-Fi and connect, basic features, set up News and Skype, touch screen, get free and commercial Apps, such as Skype.

Where are my Pictures!? Managing your Pictures

Get photos onto computer and manag- ing to find photos . Methods and strate- gies to stay in control. Techniques for copying files from camera to computer, storage philosophy, renaming tech- niques, backup strategies & get dis- organized photos organized.


At Death Cafe people discuss death in a relaxed group, the participants setting direction of the conversation. Cafes are accessible, respectful and confidential.


Awareness Through Movement Awareness through movement® Im- prove coordination, posture, balance while enjoying relief from discomfort and stress. Practical ways to incorporate effortless and efficient movement into daily life to prevent tension and injuries.


'The Daughter of Time'

Josephine Tey (1896-1952) was pen name of a British author who wrote eight detective novels, best known “The Daughter of Time”.

Power of Attorney, Executors & their role(s). Survivorship options –non- registered assets vs. registered, cottage succession planning, insurance planning for estate equalization.


Basics of Managing Your Retirement Funds

Different investment types, the pros and cons of Guaranteed Investment Certifi- cates (GIC's), Bonds, Savings Accounts, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA's) and stock market.

The Canadian Economy

Analyzing domestic economy, current state and short-term perspectives. Cana- dian economy’s strengths and weak- nesses, the labour market, inflation, economic growth and gross domestic product, Bank of Canada, fiscal policy, fiscal deficit.

Your Personalized Guide to Estate Planning

Tax planned will, different types of

In Search of Sherlock Holmes: The Man, The Mystery , the Man behind the Mystery

Examine clues found in the "sacred writings" or the canon as hard core fans describe them, ponder the movie, TV incarnations, latest from England and USA. Who is the shadowy figure in the background with the pen in his hand?

The Ancient Art of Tasseomancy: How To Read Tea Leaves This easy and fun class will teach you just that. You will receive instruction in the ancient art of Tasseomancy, as well as a manual and lots of practice.

Introduction to Woodturning Basics of ancient art and craft, what equipment to turn objects in wood, to spindles, bowls, pens, other items.


Science and Religion, The Emerging Dialogue An overview of emerging dialogue between the two disciplines. Seen as antagonistic in the 20th century, religion and science are learning to understand and respect one another in the 21st.

What Makes our Sun and the Stars Shine?

What powers our Sun and the stars, be- gan with observations of a ship’s surgeon in 1840. A rich history grew from this to encompass the greatest advances in phys- ics from that day to the present.

16 December 2015

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