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Order off a ever changing menu made of chalk (the menu, not the food) and grab a seat or run back to work.

Nick’s is located at the northwest corner of Smith and Broadway. Cooking school in P.E.I. Nick is a native Winnipegger, while Ana

is a self-professed Haligonian (she’s from Halifax). So how do a prairie boy and an Atlantic girl meet? At the Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, of course. “Near the end of high school it was time

to pick something to do,” said Nick. “I didn’t have a clear grasp of what I was going to do. I worked in a factory, I worked in a deli but everything kept coming back to cooking. Whenever I was at home, I spent my free time cooking, and reading about it so I de- cided to do that, and it worked out.” “My grandmother was a pastry chef,”

said Ana. “As a kid I kind of grew up in her kitchen until my parents grew up in her kitchen until my parents immigrated to Canada. I’m from Russia originally, but I considered myself a Haligonian. Trough high school I was working at different kitch-

ens. I went to university, and after several years of not liking it and trying to figure out what to do. I decided to go back to cooking, because that’s what I enjoy, and ended up going to the Culinary Institute of Canada.” Local menu, local beef, local flavour “Our menu gives us a chance to work

with food in a different way,” said Ana. “Rather than frying our meats, we go back to the old school way of roasting. We get in touch with our suppliers, they tell us what we can get and we make our choices and menu selections based on that.” “We’re trying to bring attention to the

meat producers of Manitoba,” Ana contin- ued. “Everyone thinks of Alberta when it comes to beef, but I think that Manitoba grass-fed beef tastes way better.” “Side by side, it’s much sweeter,” said

Nick. “It has a little bit of a grassier taste.” “Right now our menu is set up for win-


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ter,” said Ana. “We’re focusing on some heartier dishes with the meatball sand- wich, and the squash bahn mi.” Sometimes the menu isn’t allowed to

change, due to popular demand. The Baba’s Egg Salad sandwich was replaced on the menu, only for patrons to repeat- edly request it to the point Nick and Ana chose to bring it back. The Baba’s Egg consists of Nature’s Farm Omega-3 free run eggs, beets, garlic confit, parmesan, house-made mayo, dill, lettuce on toasted city bread marble rye. Now and the future

Now that the restaurant has been open

for nearly a year, things have settled down from the early excitement and influx of customers, but only a little. Te duo has settled on hours that include breakfast and dinner time after requests from cus- tomers.

“We said we might as well just open up

and serve breakfast while we’re prepping for lunch. It’s easy for us to do while we’re doing other stuff. Tis area is conducive to breakfast and lunch, and demand led us to stay open until 7 every evening.” “It’s going really well,” said Ana. “We

had line-ups out the door at the start, and now we have them again now that the food trucks are gone. Catering is insane as well!” “With how crazy catering is going, we’re

going to need a walk-in fridge so we can bring in more product and take on more jobs. We’d also like to expand the seating area to allow for table service.” Nick’s on Broadway is located at 287

Broadway and is open 8-7 Monday through Friday and 9-3 on Saturdays. Check out their website to see their menu and learn more,

I was looking for an "American Gothic" look, and this is what I got.

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