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Have fun with fall’s fashions - but be picky Enjoy Victorian era ruffles, along with bright colours, leather details and sexy silhouettes.


hile some of this fall’s fashion trends are definitely for the under-30 crowd, many of the looks can be adopted by older women.

All women can definitely celebrate a return to the feminine silhouette. The Victorian era is reflected in the high collars, ruffles and lace pervading the run- ways. The look is brought up to date with bright colours, leather details and sexy silhouettes.

On the other hand, the prim silhou- ette is offset with the appearance of one- sleeve dresses – a very sexy silhouette but not for those with an aversion to displaying less than perfect arms. How- ever, for the buff types, this a great way to show off a wonderful handbag with- out the distraction of a sleeve. Short, short skirts again

Short, short skirts are making a comeback. While not for the more ma- ture crowd, you can use the look to lengthen a tunic and top with leggings. Younger people are pairing these short skirts with highly patterned tights. Some are shown ripped like jeans. There are also tra- ditional fishnet looks, as well as animal prints. Instead of tights or leggings, the trendy types can turn to very high boots. Some look like leather leg- gings.

At the bottom of much longer skirts, two different

Dianne Szelag Fashion

pleat treatments are being shown. Car-wash pleats arrived this spring but are appearing on all runways. While not what I consider the most flattering look unless you are confident about having great legs, I have seen styles where the pleats are shown solid paired with sheer chiffon, to create a very feminine evening look.

A more suitable, happy hemline is the flounce. It provides a great bounce to your walk and draws the eye down. It just feels happy. Flounce hemlines were shown with both corporate and eve- ning wear.

On the corporate side, monochro- matic grey is the theme. Always a staple corporate look, it carries on this season in suiting.

Pant waists have thankfully returned to above the navel. This provides em- phasis on small waistlines, so be careful what you wish for. It is a great look for long, lean legs.

In outerwear, fur cuffs are a big look. Some sleeves are fully fur. Most of the

looks tout faux fur these days.

Shoes, thank goodness, are still trending to sen- sible. Chunky, stacked, kitten heels are the most widely shown on all runways. Flat, “stomp” boots are another big look, usually in black. Fun to wear with jeans or leggings.

On the accessory side, bling is back this fall. This translates into very large earrings. Brooches have made a resurgence, reflective of the Victorian theme.

Also, still on the Victorian trend, is the return of

gloves in all shapes and sizes. Long opera-length gloves were shown with many evening dresses. Short gloves in bright colours accented day wear and even the fringed look was evident. The skinny scarf was carried over from spring. I do not personally care for it as I do not think it adds much to a look.

Only for the young

Among the strange looks was the return of the turtleneck dickie. Not a scarf nor a sweater. It was shown with casual daytime looks as well as gowns. Not necessarily a good look for mature women, who prefer to keep necklines a bit lower and away from the face.

Another strange look was the return to the punk rock look of sleeves running over hands. Very slop- py and not a good silhouette for women in general. Finally, furry-foot looks, ranging from something

for Chewbaca in Star Wars to mother’s fluffy slip- pers, rounded out the season.

There is something for everyone this season. Choose wisely. Dianne Szelag owns Investment Pieces, a women’s

fashion store, at 749 St. Mary’s Road, phone 204-594- 0400.

A rare find in high-end, affordable condos I

t’s seen as a rare opportunity for homebuyers – an opportunity to purchase a condo with great acces-

sibility in a highly desirable Winnipeg neighbourhood. Kingsbury Court, located at 645 Kingsbury Avenue in Winnipeg’s Garden City area, offers “zero barrier” main floor units, acces- sible for residents in wheelchairs. “In our design and construction,”

says Monopoly Realty representative Martin Riazuddin, “we paid close at- tention to the needs of our buyers. We wanted to provide options for every- one, including those with mobility is- sues.”

Buyers with mobility concerns are urged to select their units early, before framing begins on the units. Riazud- din says sales of the units have been brisk, and the realty firm is looking

Supplied image.

forward to introducing the condos to more people looking for the unique combination of luxury and affordabil- ity found in the premises.

High-end finishings in the homes

bring quality in everyday features. For a limited period, buyers can addition- ally obtain hardwood floors and quartz

counter-top upgrades at no extra cost. Buyers seeking some extra space for a workshop, writing or hobbies area, can sign up for a main floor unit, with its attached full basement. All units have spacious balconies, and include a parking stall.

Kingsbury Court offers buyers great affordability for its units. Suites measuring 1,045 square feet start at $234,0900 plus GST; 972-square- foot units with full basements start at $259,900 plus GST.

Kingsbury Court is close to shopping, dining facilities and entertainment,with Garden City Park, Garden City Shopping Center and Seven Oaks Hospital all within easy walking distance. For more information visit kingsbury-


November 2015

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