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Maine Coastal News FREE Maine's Boatbuilders & Repairers Begin Launching

BLACK PEARL is a Calvin Beal 36 fi nished out as a lobster boat for a fi sherman from Blue Hill and launched on 20 April. She is powered with a 405 Cummins, a 2'inch shaft and 28 x 32 inch four blade propeller and reached a 24 knots on sea trials,

Redman Fabrication in Eliot is busy doing tops and towers for the sportfi sher- men.

They have been working up in Freeport on a 60-foot sailboat, creating a push-pit, which will hold two wind generators. This boat is being readied for a trans-Atlantic crossing this summer. A Grady White 36 is in for a new top. They are redoing the piping and then will fabricate a new tower.

The U. S. Coast Guard regulations say that a hand-rail must be on four inch centres so Portland Harbor Cruises is having Red- man make the changes to their boat so they are in compliance.

Other work includes a new tower for a Holland 32 and a radar arch on a 34-foot MainShip for a customer from Michigan.

Rollins Boat Shop in Eliot has a great restoration project underway on a 39-foot Consolidated twin screw cruiser built in 1947. This winter they have been replacing her bottom, which has included keel, fl oors, stringers, and engine beds. They have also replaced the transom framing. The owner is looking to repower her with 6-cylinder Scripts, which he is currently searching for. In the other shop is the 50-foot Elco powerboat. She has had some additional work done, but will do more now that it is warmer.

C. W. Johnson Boat Shop in Harp- swell has had a busy winter. Presently in is DOUBLE TROUBLE, a

38 Young Brothers, which was fi nished by Phil Lash of Friendship as a pleasure boat in 1984. She is in for a new engine, replace the platform and fuel tanks and cut out the stern. The engine was a Volvo and this was being replaced by a QSL 405 Cummins. Also in the shop is a wooden boat built

by Alton Wallace in the mid-1960s and now owned by his son Jim. He is making some fi berglass repairs to the keel and replace her engine.

Previous to these two boats there was a Crowley-Beal 23 in and she was fi nished off by Henry Barnes and the owner. It was thought she was going to be powered with a 200-hp Yamaha outboard.

Also just in was a new Northern Bay 36 hull, which was being fi nished out by Tom Clemons as a lobster boat. She was in to have her engine installed, which was the 1,200-hp Caterpillar in WHISTLIN’ DIXIE when she sank several years ago.

Front Street Shipyard in Belfast has had numerous projects underway this win- ter.

Just getting ready to go back in the water is a Richel-Pugh 62 sailboat, which has been in constant use since she was launched in 2006. After nine years of sailing she came

The 90-foot ASHA got a complete rebuild at Front Street Shipyard.

in for a serious maintenance overhaul. Also she has had her rig painted and a new bow thruster installed. Once back in the water she will be heading back across the pond. One major project was on the 90-foot

Palmer-Johnson ASHA, formerly ISIS, power yacht. This was a major refi t which included a complete system refi t, update the crew area and lots of paint and varnish. An 80-foot Burger was in for paint. They blasted and painted her bulwarks and the cabin top. A Seguin 44 was in for new teak, new

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stainless steel stanchions and reveneering the cabin sides. A Little Harbor 46 centre cockpit came in for complete paint. They also stripped her brightwork and revarnished. Will this was being doing her mechanical systems were upgraded. A custom Concordia is in for a three

year refi t. This year they repainted and re- varnished the interior. A Cape Dory 36 was in to be repowered.

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