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Every year, Grade 10 students culminate their IB Middle Years Programme learning experience with the Personal Project. Working with a faculty advisor, students research, develop, complete and then write about their own projects. Every project reflects the student’s personal interests and learning goals while also bringing together various aspects of the MYP curriculum.

Personal Projects vary greatly among students and show both the rigour and creativity of the MYP. In this essay, Elah Hirschberg describes her Personal Project in her own words.


My name is Elah Hirschberg and I am in grade 10. This year I was required to complete a personal project, which involves researching a topic, creating a product, testing its success and writing an essay about the process.

My passions are dance and art, and I wanted my personal project to reflect these interests and to challenge me to explore them in a deeper way. I decided to create two “living installations” that combined three forms of art (visual, dance and sound) in order to create a unique experience for the audience. I wanted to show my audience how performance art can express emotions and how important creativity is in our lives. I think that creativity and the arts make us happy and carefree and allow us to escape from the stresses that we experience everyday. Additionally I wanted to express myself in an extraordinary way and to enjoy the process of designing, creating and evaluating my product. I feel like I managed to achieve these things as well as learn about performance art and develop my organisational skills. The two rooms that I transformed clearly showed the contrast between a world with no expressiveness (stressful and anxious) and a world full of imagination (relaxed).

The process of planning and creating was quite challenging as I had to juggle school, other activities and my personal project. I also found it difficult getting over my shyness and asking other people for help. However, the challenges only made the final goal more satisfying to achieve. When it was over, I was a little disappointed that I had put in so much work yet only a few people had seen it. I wished that I could have done it again and shown more people. On the other hand, I was very proud of myself and was glad that I was able to take a figment of my imagination and bring it to life.


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