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As I write this, I’m still recovering (and reflecting) on our AMEA In-Service Conference this year. It is SO refreshing to be able to experience professional development that is actually applicable to our field!!! I’m sure that we’ve all experienced PD sessions at our school that have absolutely NOTHING to do with music education. Thank you so much to those of you that took the time to share your ideas with us in a clinic setting.

Rusty Courson - President, Alabama Bandmasters Association 14th

one of the greats in our field, Col. John Bourgeois.

We were also very blessed to have GREAT concerts this year!!! A very special thanks to the Faith Academy Symphonic Band (David Pryor), the Tuscaloosa County High School Wind Ensemble (Jed Smart), the Sparkman High School Wind Ensemble (David Raney), the Shades Valley High School Symphonic Band (David Allinder), the Monrovia Middle School Advanced Band (Donald Dowdy), and the Alabama Winds (Randall Coleman).

I would be

remiss in not mentioning the Intercollegiate Band performance as well, conducted by

If you submitted a proposal for a clinic or applied for a performance slot, and you weren’t selected this year, please consider reapplying for 2016. We have a limited number of slots for clinics and performances, and both of the years that I’ve been President, we’ve had some very tough choices to make. Application forms can be found on the AMEA website, and the deadline for submitting applications to Garry Taylor is June 1st


After spending the last two years in Huntsville, we will be traveling back to Mobile this year for our All-State Band Festival. On Wednesday, April 11th

, our

state solo contest will take place on the campus of the University of South Alabama, and we will be at the Mobile Convention Center on Thursday, April 12th and Friday, April 13th

. The dress rehearsal

and final concert will take place at the Mobile Civic Center on Saturday, April

1) Remove Article XVI Section 2. Add:

Section 2. Classification of Bands a. For the purposes of the ABA Music Performance Assessment, bands will be classified according to the following criteria: Classifications: AA bands will play a composition off of the AA ABA Cumulative List A bands will play a composition off of the A ABA Cumulative List BB bands will play a composition off of the BB ABA Cumulative List B bands will play a composition off of the B ABA Cumulative List CC bands will play a composition off of the CC ABA Cumulative List C bands will play a composition off of the C ABA Cumulative List D bands will play a composition off of the D ABA Cumulative List

Sight Reading:

Bands classified as AA will sight-read from the level VI sight-reading list Bands classified as A will sight read from the level V sight-reading list Bands classified as BB and B will sight-read from the level IV sight-reading list Bands classified as CC and C will sight-read from the level III sight-reading list Non-beginning bands classified as D will sight-read from the level II sight-reading list Beginning bands (all students in their first and second year of band) classified as D will sight-read from the level I sight reading list

b. From the pieces chosen by the director for performance at Music Performance Assessment, ONE COMPOSITION must be from the approved Al- abama Bandmasters Association (ABA) Cumulative Music List.

c. Bands will be classified by their chosen selection from the ABA Cumulative Music List and their corresponding sight-reading level.

d. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN MULTIPLE BANDS. If a director has a special need for a student playing in a sec- ond band, the director shall present the facts and circumstances prompting the request to the Board of Directors at the AMEA In-service Conference in January. The director will be notified immediately if possible, but within seven (7) days if further study is necessary. FOR ANY STUDENT TO QUALIFY IN ADDITIONAL BAND(S), HE OR SHE MUST PERFORM ON A DIFFERENT INSTRUMENT.

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. Clinicians this year

are Robert W. Smith, Red Band; Richard Saucedo, White Band; Dr. Ken Bodiford, Blue Band; and Dr. Carla Gallahan, Middle School Band.

Our summer convention will be held at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Orange Beach again this year. The ABA Board and Music Selection Committee will meet on Tuesday, June 23rd

, while we’ll have ABA general business meetings and clinics on Wednesday, June 24th 25th

and Thursday, June

. If you have any ideas for clinics, please contact our incoming President, Michael Holmes, at

As always, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at

I look

forward to seeing all of you at all-state in Mobile this April!!!

Alabama Bandmasters Association , ABA Legislation 2015-3 CLASSIFICATION of BANDS for MPA:

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