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ARCHITECTS Rimolo & Grosso Architects


From a licence for a garden wall to complete architectural support for building a new home; property legislations, valuations, surveys and energy certification. Rimolo & Grosso can help give you peace of mind.

Spanish building regulations can be a minefield. Permissions for this, licences for that, it seems you can’t do anything without asking. And in many ways, it’s true. Furthermore, the consequences of ignoring these requirements can range from large fines, to having to put any building changes right back to where you started. The only person winning here is your builder.

By retaining an architect, you can avoid these risks and develop your property confident that everything complies with the various rules and regulations.

Rimolo & Grosso are experienced architects with international experience, practicing in the entire Valencian Community. Their many British clients can attest to how easy they are to deal with, and how they have significantly reduced stress in a multitude of building projects.

If you are considering any building work, you need to consider whether you need architectural input. Just call Rimolo & Grosso for a no-obligation chat and proceed with confidence. And in case you are wondering, consultations and advice are in fluent English!


Javier graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires in 1989. Generalising in architecture and specialising in urbanism, he has since gained significant international experience. He was a professor of architecture in the School of Architecture in the University of Zurich.

Javier has led many successful projects from individual dwellings to large multi-floored buildings. Javier’s clients include individuals, tourist associations and local government for the design of public buildings. Javier is extremely well versed in all the rules and regulations of building in Spain, including various local Valencian Community regulations.


Project & construction management, new & old buildings.

 Property management.

Opening licences for commercial & industrial premises

Pools, wind & solar energy installations.


Residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

 Official valuations, Spanish & British banks

 Plots & rusticos SURVEYS & REPORTS

 Structural & construction pathology surveys.

 Expert reports for court actions & insurance claims

 On-site security & sanity surveys.  Habitability certificates  Construction site surveys

Town hall & administration action certification.

Measurements of plots & buildings MEDIATION

 In court actions related to construction or urbanistic issues


Vicente also graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires in 1989 with the same focus on urbanism. He has worked in several major Spanish construction enterprises as technical director.

He has also worked in many projects for private, tourist and public buildings, including landscape planning.

Both Vicente and Javier are regularly retained as professional experts for the law administration. Each project they undertake is the result of leadership and teamwork with a range of other professionals: digital draughtsmen, engineers, constructors, suppliers. Above all, they never forget you are their client and it is you they serve!


2013 saw the introduction of new laws regarding the energy rating of all buildings in Spain. This European Directive aims to inform buyers and tenants of the likely energy costs associated with any given property. The thinking is that a higher energy rating will mean lower costs thus making the property more marketable. This in turn will motivate owners to improve the energy requirements of their property with the overall effect of reducing harmful greenhouse gasses and global warming. We are fully qualified to issue EPC certificates, and advise on how to improve your building’s energy rating.


Rimolo & Grosso Architects

Calle Benificencia 1, 1º, Gandia Calle Murillo nº24, Valencia t: 962 962 324 m: 606 616 084

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