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Immigration Law to Change to Encourage Foreign Professionals

Brazil will change its immigration law to make it easier for foreign workers to enter the country and meet the growing demand for labour, announced Strategic Affairs Minister, Marcelo Neri. He added that the country is ideally seeking professionals from countries with "linguistic affinities" with Brazil. The Brazilian unemployment rate in November was 4.6%, the lowest level since 2002. This has sparked concerns that if the country moves closer to near full employment, it could jeopardise Brazil’s future economic growth. Neri told foreign correspondents, that the government will make it easier for highly qualified professionals; such as engineers, doctors, and technology specialists, to work in Brazil. Neri said the changes would include reducing the bureaucracy involved in obtaining a work visa for Brazil and allowing workers to change jobs without having to request a new visa. A recent study conducted by the Fundacao Dom Cabral business school found that that 91% of companies surveyed said they have problems in hiring qualified technicians, administrators, and project managers. "The lack of qualified manpower has become a major bottleneck in Brazil, and there is no sign that this situation will improve in the near or medium term,” said the survey’s coordinator.

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