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Broadband speed COUNTY Cllr Jenny Whittle advised that KCC was continu- ing to look into rural broad- band facilities that had not been improved, despite signifi- cant sums being spent by KCC and the Government. The clerk advised Cllr Whit-

Broomfield and Kingswood Council

tle of the recent Maidstone Joint Parishes Group meeting regarding the Waterside Park proposal. Cllr Whittle stated that KCC was opposed to the scheme and was happy to sup- port Broomfield and Kingswood’s objection to the planning application. PCSO Richard Kirby said a suspect had been arrested for some of the burglaries in the parish and had been remanded in custody. Crimes reported


Kingswood during the previous month were a burglary (non dwelling) in Upper Street; bur- glary in Bushy Grove (de- tected); attempted burglary, Lenham Road (detected); two burglaries, Gravelly Bottom Road (one detected); burglary, Copperfield Close. The PCSO was advised that complaints had been received about parking on footpaths causing an obstruction in and aroundWildwood Close. Chris Wheal, volunteer fire

safety officer, and Steve Lewis, water service manager, gave a presentation on behalf of Kent Fire and Rescue Service. The clerk advised that bor-

ough ward member Cllr Peter Parvin had responded to her letter regarding Maidstone planning department’s refusal to incorporate windfall sites in the Maidstone local plan and requesting his opinion on the queries that had been raised. He said he felt MBC planning had done everything correctly and that any challenge to this decision was likely to be costly and unlikely to succeed. How- ever, he would support the parish council. A donation of £200 was agreed towards the cost of ex- ternal Christmas lights at the village hall. The parish services scheme funding arrangement had been amended and was ready for sig- nature. Councillors agreed to sign the agreement and ratify the decision at the next meet- ing.

An estimate of £950 had been received for the cost of remov- ing the Levercrest play equip- ment, rubber tiles and surrounding fencing at the sports field. An initial estimate for resurfacing the play area was about £18,975. Several large mole holes had opened up in the field and

DownsMail In touch with your parish Egerton Council

were quite dangerous. The clerk had asked Phil Tweddell to fill them, which he had done. The latest public consulta-

tion on the neighbourhood plan was held on November 23. Phil Tweddell had an- nounced that he would be re- tiring at Christmas and would no longer be able to undertake odd jobs for the parish council.

Plan consultation THE parish council has em- barked on a six-week public consultation on the Coxheath neighbourhood plan, running to December 20. Exhibitions will be held at Coxheath Village Hall from 4- 8pm on Friday, November 29 and from 9am to 3pm on Satur- day, November 30. All Cox- heath residents are encouraged to attend to express their views. A consultation was being arranged during November on a revised traffic calming scheme for Heath Road. The parish council voted to

Coxheath Council

set aside £1,500 to provide the necessary equipment for a new recruit to the Maidstone Com- munity First Responder serv- ice, based in the village. The service aims to respond locally to medical emergencies in ad- vance of the arrival of an am- bulance. Although visitors to the exhi-

bition mounted by Persimmon Homes on October 11 and 12 objected overwhelmingly to houses being built at Clock- house Farm, the parish council decided to take amore strategic view of the situation and con- tinue with negotiations in the expectation of achieving sub- stantial community benefits. With regret, the parish coun-

cil has accepted the resignation of Jonathan Cornish, for work and family reasons. Three va- cancies now exist on the parish council and consent has been granted by Maidstone Council for two to be filled by co-op- tion. Anyone interested should contact the parish clerk or chairman.

Community warden Jo Jewiss has been transferred on temporary promotion to a su- pervisory post in the Ashford area and leaves with the heart- felt thanks of the community for her hard work in Coxheath. Dawn Riach-Brown and Liz Lo- vatt will provide cover in the meantime. Coxheath Parish Council was sending a strongly worded let- ter of complaint to Maidstone Council over its failure to ad- dress concerns on the recent planning application for Fir Tree Yard.

Playground work ED Smith was to return and fill in the gaps in the rubber mat- ting surface at the playground. Weekly risk assessment checks had been been kept on file by the clerk. The emergency planning committee had met again. The chairman would send out the maps she had produced of the village. Two public defibrillators had

been purchased. One had been installed by the main entrance to theMillennium Hall and one on the side of Forstal Cottage, Forstal Road. Training was on- going for the community re- sponders. The wheelie bins had been delivered for the Millennium hall. The clerk would enquire if another was available for the street cleaner. Wheelie bins cannot be used along The Street as the footpath is not wide enough to accommodate them and allow people to walk past. Sacks had been provided for the residents. A meeting had been arranged

with Southern Water about the track from Rock Hill Road to the works which was damaged by water lorries last year. It would also follow up on the promise by Southern water to keep the trees trimmed around the works. No comment was made on a planning application for exten- sions at Newlyn, Mundy Bois Road, Egerton. It was noted that a proposed

loft conversion and alterations at Court View, Stonebridge Green Road, Egerton, had been approved by Ashforld Borough Council. Some ground between the top recreation field and the cricket field was to be prepared for poppy seeds. It was decided that a barbe-

cue at the weekly farmers’ market would not be appropri- ate due to smells, danger to children and weather issues. Regarding the proposed solar

panel farm at Pluckley,itwas decided that if Pluckley Parish Council wanted the parish council’s help, it should con- tact Egerton directly.

Loose Council Metal thefts

COMMUNITY warden Liz Lo- vatt reported that metal thieves were still a problem and inci- dents had been recorded in Northleigh. It had also been re- ported that some dogs had been attacking other owners’ dogs, with horrific consequences. She reported on the electrical

safety advice leaflets that were about to go out to residents. Vandals had destroyed one of the springers in the play

area. Two people had been identified and the other two had not yet been recognised. A vehicle that had been ob- structing the highway on the corner of Bridge Street andMill Street was now parked in High- banks. A stone fired from a catapult

had gone through a window opposite Cllr Gordon Goves’ house. Police were looking for people seen in the Paddock Wood, Tunbridge Wells and Marden areas in connection with recent catapult incidents. The second public meeting

on the hazards in Busbridge Road had been very well at- tended. It was agreed to push for 20mph speed limits throughout the village and Bus- bridge Road with the long-term solution being some kind of barrier to make the drop at the side of the road safe. Some youngsters asked to

speak about the facilities at the King George V playing field. They asked if they could have a skate area but it was stated that unfortunately the field did not have the space for this. The parish council would be look- ing into installing more equip- ment at the field and their views would be very important on this. An outdoor gym and free running equipment were suggested. Regarding the possible clo-

sure by KCC of the Sure Start children’s centre at Loose Pavilion, there would be a huge impact to the parish council’s hire income for the building. The formal agreement be-

tween the two councils would be checked and a letter of ob- jection to the closure would be sent to KCC.

Staplehurst Council Pizza plan

THE clerk discussed a commu- nication from Maidstone Coun- cil licensing office requesting comments on an application by Pizza Cucina for a trial street trading licence. Councillors expressed con-

cern that the trading could add to litter at The Parade and that it would be competing with local business rate-paying es- tablishments. They said the ap- plication should be more precise about where the vehicle would be parked and that it should not be outside homes. It was suggested that the Vil-

lage Centre could be consid- ered as a possible location. Councillors asked to be con- sulted about further discus- sions. The successful design forum

for the neighbourhood plan was discussed. Arrangements were made to publish the con- cept drawing and other infor- mation to the wider public. The main issue raised P46

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