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Can-Am Equine

Emporium 2013 Clinicians

about what’s going on in the horse industry today, there is no better place to go than the Can-Am Equine Emporium 2013. The fair, taking place March 28-31 at the Orangeville Event Centre and now in its tenth year, has put together its most impressive array of speaking talent ever represent- ing the different disciplines that make up the pro- fessional component of the horse industry. What’s best about this year’s selection of presenters and clinicians is that all the speakers understand fully that the Can-Am is a public event and that their talks should be aimed at general audiences, even while they deliver the latest news and opinions on the assumption that those in attendance have a keen interest in specialty topics and a strong desire to learn. Even if you’re an expert yourself, you’ll probably find the talks illuminating.

Three international presenters take centre stage throughout the four days of the fair. Jonathan Field, a 2012 Road to the Horse competi- tor for Canada, is a passionate teacher who exem- plifies the will to pass on his knowledge about life as a cowboy and impart tales of his experiences as a championship rider. Stacy Westfall, the 2006 Road to the Horse champion, brings her deep understanding of equine behavior – the “why” behind what the horse does – to the Can-Am show. Australia’s Guy McLean, the 2012 Road to the Horse champion, lectures on the essential elements that make up the bond between humans and hors- es: knowledge, compassion, patience, and imagina- tion.

If you like to attend informative sessions


Clinics at the Can-Am show promise to be not only informative but also inspiring. It is a tradition at the annual fair for authorities from the horse industry to address a wide range of pertinent sub- jects – so attendees can be sure that their time will be well spent. This year, Alastair Strachan speaks on the excitement of the hunt, a many- faceted experience encompassing the chase, the breath-taking countryside setting, the camaraderie, and interaction between hounds and horses; Angie Aristone, a gifted psychic, medium, animal com- municator, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, provides insights into living with horses and dogs; Camilla Willings presents seminars on “What’s So Great about Gait?” and “HorseDancer: Online Musical Freestyle Competition”; Dallas Morgan, a renowned farrier, hosts sessions on shoemaking for horses; Dr. Dan Burke speaks about equine nutri- tion; Denise Lenz addresses all aspects of fitting and adjusting saddles; Gayle Ecker, the director of Equine Guelph, gives insightful views on youth education as it relates to horses; Jeff Bowman talks on the importance of the social media to horse industry; Jessica Morgan, a specialist in equine acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and dentistry, shares her knowledge of horses from her professional vantage point as a veterinarian; Jodi Pendry speaks on equine massage; Kevin Rundle deals with equine dentistry; Lindsay Grice relates her views on training horses using the science of how they think and learn; Lori Fackler, a specialist in barrel racing, gives an entertaining account of her experiences in competition; Dr. Scott Hie focuses on equine chiropractic; Shelly Sargent fur- nishes insights into managing multiple social- media platforms as they relate to the horse indus- try; Stella Fokas discusses how horses achieve a better level of wellness through proper nutrition; Susan E. Harris offers a unique educational demonstration called “Anatomy in MotionTM/The Visible Horse” in which she paints the skeleton and muscles on a live horse; and Todd Bailey, an expert in the field of saddlery, provides a first-hand look at the current trends and fashions in the horse world. We advise that visitors to the Can-Am Equine Emporium check the event schedule close- ly so as not to miss out on the clinics they most want to attend.

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