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ST. GEORGE’S, BERMUDA Stanley Paris is a man in motion. Following the launch of his Farr-designed Kiwi Spirit, he immediately began sea trials, tweaking the boat to optimize all systems for short-hand- ed and solo sailing. Only 2 weeks after launching the custom-designed monohull at the Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding facility in Thomaston, Paris took off for Newport, Rhode Island. A few days later, and Paris was off again, immersing Kiwi Spirit in her fi rst truly offshore experience sailing some eight hundred miles from Newport to St. George’s, Bermuda.

“In 24-hours we covered 238 miles, averaging 10 knots,” said Paris. “My fast- est sail ever! At one point we reached 27.1 knots. This boat is just awesome!” As dawn came to Bermuda this morn- ing, Stanley Paris and his crew of three released the lines and headed out to sea once again, headed for Antigua. This time Cabot Lyman, owner of Lyman-Morse Boat- building Company, was aboard. It is the fi rst time that Cabot will sail KIWI SPIRIT off- shore since his team in Thomaston, poured thousands of hours into the planning and construction of the sleek, speedy yacht.

“This project has been a lot of fun,” said Cabot. “The difference between this boat and a lot of projects we do is we had a very defi nitive mission. Stanley wants to go around the world non-stop - to be the oldest, greenest, and fastest at that age.” Paris will train for the next twelve months aboard KIWI SPIRIT readying him- self for the circumnavigation. He intends to compete in a variety of racing events, including the Caribbean 600, Charleston to Bermuda, Bermuda 1-2, and Marblehead to Halifax regatta, in addition to deliveries and other sail training. Paris aims to best the benchmark set by Dodge Morgan in 1986 when he sailed the cruising yacht AMER- ICAN PROMISE around the world from Bermuda to Bermuda in 150 days. No stranger to endurance events, Paris swam the English Channel twice and racked up some 60,000 miles sailing. He also com- pleted the Ironman World Championship triathlon in Hawaii. This year alone, his adventurous spirit sent him racing a mo- torbike across the U.S. and completing a half-marathon.

Unlike most sailing endeavors today which consistently seek commercial spon- sorship and goodwill donations, Paris will complete his mission in the Corinthian spirit of sailing. Instead of seeking funds to execute his mission, he will fund the entire project personally and ask those interested to support his favorite charity, the Foundation for Physical Therapy. Individuals and com- panies are able to place their name aboard KIWI SPIRIT for a small donation, which goes directly to the non-profi t organization. The hull of KIWI SPIRIT is built out of epoxy-infused carbon, E-glass and Kevlar with a thermo-core that is both stiff and lightweight. There is a hydraulic lifting



Moving to a new larger location October 15 - 6 Julie Lane, Eliot, Maine

Stanley Paris' KIWI SPIRIT under sail.

keel which draws fourteen feet, nine inches (down) for excellent upwind performance and eight feet, seven inches when the keel is up. There are four water ballast compart- ments to help counter the powerful rig and make the boat more comfortable in heavy air. An easy-to-manage sail plan has been incorporated, with all lines leading aft to the cockpit. Dr. Stanley Paris is widely known as a

pioneer in the fi eld of physical therapy, He founded the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Since his immigration to the U.S. from New Zealand in 1966, he has been actively involved in research, clinical

Gougeon revamps PRO-SET epoxy line with advanced chemistry, better pricing BAY CITY, MI—Gougeon Brothers, Inc. has announced a complete overhaul in the chemistry, pricing and marketing of their venerable PRO-SET line of advanced com- posite epoxies.

practice and teaching in the area of ortho- pedic and manual physical therapy. He has published more than 40 articles in physical therapy, medical and osteopathic journals and a book, The Spinal Lesion (1965). As an avid supporter of the Foundation for Physical Therapy, Stanley would like others to join his mission of helping fund this important non-profi t organization. Sail with Stanley by making a tax deductible donation, and your name will be placed on board Kiwi Spirit for the voyage around the globe. 100% of your contribution goes to the Foundation for Physical Therapy. Visit:

Gougeon Revamps PRO-SET Epoxy PRO-SET resins can now be chosen by

The company chose to revamp the line after noting a trend of PRO-SET custom formulations consistently outselling some of the epoxies in their standard PRO-SET product line. They realized they could de- liver these popular products to customers much faster, and at more competitive prices, by moving them to the standard product line. But instead of just adding these epoxy formulations to the standard PRO-SET line, Gougeon took a hard look streamlining the entire line to form a more cohesive and logical combination of products. Their goals were to update every PRO-SET formulation with the absolute latest in epoxy chemistry, make it easier for customers to select the best epoxy for the project at hand, and remove price as a concern in the hardener selection equation.

Gougeon’s in-house chemists set about reformulating the PRO-SET line for enhanced performance. They adjusted the chemistry to allow 3:1 mix ratios across

the board in the Laminating and Infusion epoxies.

viscosity, and hardeners chosen by speed. This improvement allows engineers and fabricators to select a combination that best suits their specifi c project and processes. PRO-SET Hardeners are now priced the same in each category, regardless of cure speed. Those making the purchasing decisions will not need to choose between price and cure rate. Gougeon reorganized PRO-SET’s

product offerings into four distinct cate- gories: Laminating, Infusion, Tooling and Adhesives. All products have been given the category prefi x LAM, INF, TLG, or ADV, assuring the compatibility of resin and hardener selections.

The standard PRO-SET epoxy com-

binations offer solid performance at room-temperature cure, and advanced phys- ical and thermal properties with post-cure. As ever, PRO-SET products are backed

by Gougeon’s trusted technical support. PRO-SET products are formulated and man- ufactured at Gougeon’s Bay City, Michigan plant, facilitating rapid order fulfi llment. The PRO-SET New Standard product line is available starting January 1, 2013.

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