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Air charter company Chapman Freeborn, has opened a new sales office in Malmo, Sweden and appointed

Christian Stridsberg

as sales manager there. He will oversee all operations including cargo and passenger aircraſt charters, as well as on board courier (OBC) services. The company opened a sales office in Denmark in 2011. The new office will give

Chapman Freeborn’s global client base and office network greater access to the Swedish market. Worldwide, Chapman Freeborn

currently coordinates over 6,000 charters a year - ranging from small ad hoc flights for urgent automotive and manufacturing cargo, to movements of heavy and outsize equipment for energy and mining projects as well as providing specialist On Board Courier (OBC) services. Malmo is an ideal location to

serve not only Sweden but a wide swathe of Scandinavia, explains Chapman Freeborn Scandinavia manager, Kim Borgaard. “The bridges and tunnels that have been or are being built between Sweden and Denmark and Denmark and Germany are squeezing the whole region together,” he says. “It’s pretty revolutionary. And as well as the physical barriers,

it also means

that the mental barriers between countries are being broken down.” Scandinavia is the latest phase in Chapman Freeborn’s European

expansion, which has now taken it to 35 offices in 25 countries. The local economy has not been as hard hit as most of the rest of Europe and there is still plenty of business to be had in areas such as aid relief – many NGOs are have their headquarters in Denmark – or the major industries of Sweden and the oil and gas sector in Norway. The main function of the two

offices in Scandinavia will be to give the air charter firm access to the decision makers who are still based there – much of the physical cargo movement is actually outside Scandinavia these days, explains Kim Borgaard. “In many respects, the concept of outsourcing began in Scandinavia. Production costs are very high and companies have naturally looked to lower cost regions for their actual production. But the head offices are still based here.”

Issue 6 2012

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Christian Stridsberg

More space for Schenker in Stockholm

DB Schenker is expanding its location at Arlandastad, near Stockholm, from 32,000sq m to 63,000 sq m of hall space. The facility which was opened in 2009, had already been expanded by 7,000 square meters in 2011. The new space – only 200m from the existing area – is due to be commissioned in autumn 2013. The centre will provide

services for customers in high- tech products and electronics, the food industry, pharmaceuticals and textiles. Managing director of

Schenker Logistics AB in

Sweden, Mats Olsson, said: “We carry out advanced tasks

such as configuring electronic equipment and constructing shelves for food products.” Olsson continued: “Stockholm is a very interesting area for logistics, with strong potential and a wide variety of opportunities for us.” The logistics centre is on the

E4 highway near the airport. As a ‘green building’, its energy consumption will be at least 25% less than originally planned. This means less emission of carbon dioxide and thus will contribute to the group’s sustainability strategy DB 2020. The commissioning of the new facility is planned for the fall of 2013.

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