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Maine Coastal News Volume 25 Issue 8 August 2012 FREE LOBSTER BOAT RACE SEASON HALF OVER

DOUBLE G., VICTORIA ANN and MS. ROSE battling it out in Class F at Searsport. The race was to close to call and VICTORIA ANN and MS. ROSE were declared tied for fi rst.

BASS HARBOR-BEALS ISLAND/JONE- SPORT – The third lobster boat race of the season is now held at Bass Harbor on Mount Desert Island. This was well-attended its fi rst year and even better this year on 24 June. Racers came mostly from the neighboring harbors and were real working boats. Yes, there has been a growing argument this year about work boat verses play or funny boat. Of the 58 boats signed up there were only six competing that were consistent attendees at other race venues and only one was strictly a race boat. This day’s racing was going to be interesting especially since most racers were an unknown.

The day began with light showers, but as sign-ups ended the sun shone and the day turned out beautiful.

The race course is set just outside the harbor with the fi nish line just at the harbor entrance. People looking to watch the races lined the docks at Morris Yachts or watched from the road, but most others were on boats in the spectator fl eet.

The only new boat was Troy Alley’s

TRINITY from Jonesport. She is 34 feet in length, built of plywood and fi berglass and powered with a 225-hp Mercury outboard. She really does not fi t any of the actual race classes. She belongs in Work Boat Class C, but she is over the length limit of 24 feet. He decided to race in Gasoline Class E with Galen Alley’s FOOLISH PLEASURE. In the Gasoline Classes there were only

four entrants in the fi ve races. All the boats were sent down the race course together with WIDE OPEN and FROSTY PUNKIN winning their respective classes. The battle was between FOOLISH PLEASURE and TRINITY, but as most knew FOOLISH PLEASURE had more than enough power and crossed well ahead with a speed of 62.2 mph.

The Diesel Classes were well attended, but there were no entrants in several: Class E, Class J, and Class L. One of the biggest races of the day was Class B, which had eight boats come to the line. This was a real close battle that was decided by just feet, but the win went to Jason Young’s KS ASS and second was Cameron Crawford in RICH AMBITION. Seven boats were on the line for Class F and Wayne Davis’ EDWIN MARSHALL was fi rst to cross with Greg Lewis’ RACHEL IRENE second. It is inter- esting what areas have more boats in certain classes than others. In Class M, 40 feet and over, up to 750 hp, just two boats came to the line, and this was won by James Thurlow’s FAMILY TRADITION. Next weekend’s races at Moosebec could have more than a dozen boats in this class. For the last Diesel Class race, Class N, this was won by Chris- topher Sawyer’s PEYTON CHARLOTTE. There are a lot of Mitchell Cove boats in Bass Harbor and the surrounding towns and that is because they were built right in Bernard. David Schlaeffer, who owned

Mitchell Cove Boats and is now the harbor master there, built over 500 boats under the Mitchell Cove name, so it was no surprise when nine boats lined up for the start. The fi rst over in a close race was RACHEL ELIZABETH, followed by STEPPIN UP and EDWIN MARSHALL. The Wooden Boat Race was the next up and this was won by RICH RETURNS, who had a close race with RICH AMBITION. Third went to DOWNEASTER. In the Fastest Lobster Boat only two boats lined up for the start and CATMAN was the fi rst to cross the fi nish line followed

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Troy Alley's newest boat was TRINITY, a 34 footer, powered with a 225-hp outboard. by FIRST TEAM.

The biggest race of the day was Bass

Harbor’s Fastest Lobster Boat, with 15 boats. Travis Otis on FIRST TEAM tried desperately to line them all up, but after two attempts it was decided to break them up into two heats. In the fi nals the winner was FAM- ILY TRADITION, FROSTY PUNKIN, and EDWIN MARSHALL.

This was a great day of racing, and interesting because the boats were different. Wayne Rich said after the race that he had

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