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SOUL MATES: do they really exist? by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

TO SOME EXTENT, the process of mating belongs to the body and the mind. The soul cannot mate with anything, nor does the soul need a mate, because it is absolute and boundless. Only what is limited needs a mate in order feel a little better. If you choose a mate because you want

your body to feel a little better, we call that sexuality, and it can be quite beautiful. If we choose a mate because we want our minds to feel a little better, we call that companionship. If we want our emotions to feel better, we call that love. Experiencing good physical compatibility, companionship and a strong sense of love can make your life wonderful in many ways, but if you are willing to look at this very carefully and sincerely, you cannot deny its limitations and the anxiety that naturally follows such arrangements. Though it is fortunate for a human being to

find someone who is physically, mentally, and emotionally compatible, the limitedness of that arrangement invariably becomes suffocating if you are unwilling to settle for the limited. To have such a pleasant arrangement is like living in a beautiful garden. Every human being wants to have this, but it is not a matter of the soul. All connections you make this way are either of the body, mind or emotions. You cannot connect anything else this way. It is extremely important that we understand the limitations with which

we are living and try to make the best of them for now, and then see how we can go beyond our limitations tomorrow. If you do not understand the limitations of

your relationship, it gets greatly decorated, but when it crashes it becomes so ugly you cannot even walk out of it gracefully. It becomes ugly simply because you tell many lies to yourself and to the other person. The more sincere you are with yourself, the clearer you will be and the less melodrama you will create in order to make your life more intense and interesting. Without melodrama you will quickly become freer, rising to higher and higher realities. If you do not become absolutely straight

with yourself, it may take a lifetime to deal with every little thing that disturbs you before you realise that your worry is not getting you anywhere. That is a waste of your time – and of life. But if you are very straight with yourself, you will see that most of the things that are highly romanticised in the world actually mean nothing and are very empty. Only those who are missing the intensity of the life process – those who are not in perception of the grandeur of life within – have this juvenile idea that they have to enhance life. The life process does not need any assistance from you to become beautiful, if only you are willing to merge with it and know its beauty.

april 2012 05

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