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experiencing nature first hand. They splashed across creeks, explored the many trails, encountered wildlife, and camped under the stars. We are proud of the Junior Rangers’ accomplishments and have high expectations as they move forward.

Each Junior Ranger has a story or two about how they have directly applied something they have learned from the program to their daily life or academic studies. One such example was from seventeen-year- old Junior Ranger Keith Johnson. While Keith was at home, he heard a loud car collision take place on his street. He ran outside to see the wreck and immediately felt compelled to help those at the scene. There was a vehicle on its side with passengers in the car. Keith assisted those in need by assuring help was on its way, and aided those trapped in the car. When first responders arrived, they instructed Keith of the danger that was present at the scene. Keith replied, “I am a Junior Ranger and am First Aid and CPR certified.” Needless to say, we were all very

Outdoor Leaders

MRCA’s Newest Jobs Program Recent graduates of our Junior Rangers program are now involved in an innovative new MRCA opportunity - the Outdoor Leaders program. As Outdoor Leaders, the four young adults are now paid part time staff of the MRCA. This is very exciting for them (and us)! Over the next year, the Outdoor Leaders are going through extensive training. MRCA Naturalists and Rangers are teaching them to lead team building activities, hone their leadership skills, and further develop their outdoor skills. Their duties include assisting staff with the new year of our Junior Ranger program and helping with the Transit To Trails from Compton Creek Natural Park.

The Outdoor Leaders program is the newest, in a long line of job programs, where staff is hired from the urban areas we serve. We hope that the Outdoor Leaders program, as with our other job programs, not only benefits the MRCA from the staff’s great work, but more importantly that the participants gain invaluable skills and experience to help in their future careers.

16 Symbiosis

proud – a Junior Ranger job well done!

All of the Junior Rangers are extremely talented with success on their horizons, especially as they continue on by assisting our staff with the next class of Junior Rangers – Mounted Division. This new class of Junior Rangers began in November with 15 participants. And we hope by continuing this

program and partnership, this same opportunities can be given to more young people from the community. Congratulations to all of the recent graduates:

Khalia Akbar Danielle Beavers Nathan Bonner Keith Johnson Justin Parron

Junior Rangers were joined by supporters to celebrate their graduation.

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