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European Union, since the beast is the body of a leopard (Revelation 13:2)— the Greco-Roman and not European— with its feet of the bear (Iran) and its mouth of the lion (Babylonia).

Te Babylon of the End Times is not Iraq, which is soon to be gobbled up by Iran when the United States pulls its troops out. Most modern prophecy buffs predicted the revival of Iraq’s Babylon by Saddam Hussein. Teir predictions are in the dustbin of history. Tey failed to examine Scripture closely, and isolated verses from their context. Te Bible in End-Time prophecy never even mentions any of the ancient cities of Babylon. In every verse in the Bible where a location within this predicted Babylon is mentioned, that vicinity or city is in Arabia, not Iraq (Isaiah 21, Jeremiah 49). It is Kedar, Dumah, and Arabia; there is no mention of Babel, Sumer, Accad, Erech, and Calneh in any of these verses. Arabia’s Islam is the mouthpiece (mouth of a lion) that rules and rides this beast. It is the harlot from the desert

(Revelation 17:3) that sits on many waters and is the “desert of the sea” (Isaiah 21), which John saw. Christ proclaimed that the Antichrist will rule from Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-13), not Rome, which will be the future seat of Satan. Tis is on the sides of the northern lands (Asia Minor/Turkey).

Although this is not what many popular prophecy buffs have been saying over the last decades, I am in good company. Not only are we actually seeing it come to pass already, but many scholars of the past, including the following, also saw Islam playing a major End-Times role: Hilaire Belloc, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Gregory Palamus of Tessalonica, Vernon Richards, Sir Robert Anderson, Cyril of Jerusalem, Sophronius the Patriarch of Jerusalem (560-638), Maximus Te Confessor (580- 662), John of Damascus

(676-749), Eulogius of Cordova, Paul Alvarus, the Martyrs of Cordova, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards, the great American Revivalist. Tese and many others simply focused on the literal proclamations in the Bible.

Walid Shoebat was born into a prominent Arab Muslim family in Bethlehem. His grandfather was a Muktar (Arab Chieftan) and good friend of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a notorious friend to Adolf Hitler. Walid was raised to hate Jews and the Western world. He joined the PLO and was involved in numerous acts of terror, including the attempted lynching of an Israeli soldier. He immigrated to the United States where, upon a challenge to discredit the Bible in order to convert his wife, he found the truth and became a Believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in 1993.

His life has been dedicated to exposing the danger and deception of Islam, and spreading the Good News of Israel’s Messiah at great personal risk through speaking engagements, on television, radio, and the web, and through the production of books, CDs, and DVDs, such as God’s War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy, and the Bible, offered here.

GOD'S WAR ON TERROR: ISLAM, PROPHECY, AND THE BIBLE God's War on Terror is Walid Shoebat's journey and his journal of studying the ancient Bible predictions that convinced him to leave Islam. This fascinating study, with utmost respect to the rules of Hermeneutics, will unlock the mysteries in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, offering answers to questions like these: How are Muslims set up to follow the Antichrist? Who is "Mystery Babylon"? What is the "Mark of the Beast"? ORDER #9035 | $30.00 GIFT

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